Conquering the Christmas Crazies

Posted on December 18th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

Christmas Crazies

You know you’re going crazy. You just don’t know how to stop. You’ve been swept away with the holiday spirit and now it feels like it’s haunting you, rather than bringing you good cheer.

Your Thinking of Taking Out a Loan 

You have run out of money, but you must buy more! Since your bank account is nearing empty and bills are coming due, you’re thinking of going to the paycheck loan and borrowing against your next paycheck with a hefty interest rate. Or perhaps you’re determining if you could get a new credit card right now.

Don’t do it. Nothing that you are buying right now is so important you must go in debt for it. The world will keep spinning and your family will be happy with what you already have acquired.

You Can’t Find The Floor Already 

There are bags and boxes everywhere. Some of them are from the postal service and  others  are nicely wrapped sitting under or near the tree. Some are still in store bags waiting to be gotten to. If that wasn’t enough, you are expecting more to arrive any day now. In fact we’re coming down to the deadline and you’re stressed because those last packages might not make it in time.

Throw the empty boxes out. You may want keep a few around for wrapping, but getting rid of the clutter (or at least banishing it to a contained corner) will greatly reduce your stress.

And don’t forget, using gift bags are so much easier and faster than wrapping. If you’re feeling stressed about preparing all of these gifts, stop by the dollar store and grab a bunch of gift bags. Let go of the perfectly wrapped gifts imagined in your mind. The present will be just as appealing coming out of a gift bag. If you’re worried about little peaking eyes or fingers (or pets) leading up to Christmas day, just tape the top of the gift bag closed, then Christmas morning snip that layer of tape away before handing the gift bag to a little one to open.

You’re Sick and Tired

Your eyes are blood shot from staying up too late. You have been to stores until closing time. You have made the best of the ones that stay open for twenty four hours. Then you come home and wrap nonstop until morning and the kids are waking up. Your living off coffee and caffeine and half the time you don’t know what day it is. Then you go do the caroling, cookie drops, and parties. On top of that you think you are coming down with a terrible cold. Your mental state may not be the best.

Take a break. Take a nap. Go through caffeine withdrawal. You will feel better afterwards. You will think more clearly. Your perspective will snap back and the crazies will melt away.

How do you keep your sanity at this time of year?


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