Cheap/Healthy Snacks!

Posted on January 7th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

As a mom I am always looking for ideas for cheap snacks. It’s no secret that junk food is cheap, but there are tons of options out there for healthy snacks. Here are some ideas for you and your family.

1. Hummus. Oh how I love hummus! And it’s not the store bought kind that is cheap, but if you make your own, it’s less than $2!
All you need is
4 garlic cloves
2 cups canned chickpeas, drained
1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
6 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 tablespoons water or liquid from the chickpeas

Throw it all in a food processor and that’s it! Homemade hummus that is cheap and healthy!

2. Carrots. Half a cup of carrots costs around $.50. Don’t buy the baby carrots since they can be more expensive, but the sticks you have to peel yourself are very inexpensive. And carrots are so yummy!

3. Plain popcorn. This is a great healthy food as long as you don’t put tons of junk in it. All you need is a brown paper bag, some olive oil and popcorn kernels. Doing it THIS way is about a 1/4th of the cost of even the healthy brands of bagged popcorn and it’s just as easy to make.

4. Edamame. This is my most favorite snack ever. It’s so yummy and your can find it at Costco or in most freezer sections. They are crazy cheap, very filling and just plain tasty! LOVE it!

 5. Boiled eggs. This may be obvious, but eggs are cheap and full of protein which keeps you fuller longer. They don’t call it the incredible edible egg for no reason!


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