Thrifty Tip: Make a Healthier Easter Basket

Posted on March 23rd, 2015 by Discount Debbie

Easter basket with text

It’s that time. Easter is just two weeks away. I always feel a little bit of pressure when I see all the cute pre-made Easter baskets because I grew up getting them every year… and LOVED them. Now, though, I don’t want my children to have all that sugar and all those chemicals and preservatives in a sweet little basket that I give them for what I believe is the most significant holiday of our faith. As you can see, I have issues on multiple levels! So, I think about what I can put together/make as an alternative… every year. I’m not naturally geared to make arts and crafts. So, I’m sad to say that I have often done very little.

This year I’m planning differently. I do plan on an Easter egg hunt. My plan is to place one small piece of candy and a note that reads something like, “He is risen!” inside each egg. That’s the minimum. Anyone can do that. Therefore, I can do it. 😉

Meanwhile, I’m also contemplating making a basket. A healthier one.

Here are the components I’m considering for their baskets.

1. The chocolate bunny. I remember chocolate bunnies that were solid and ones that were hollow. My goal is to find a small hollow dark chocolate bunny. If they are going to have it, it may as well be a little bit of the good chocolate. I can live with that.

2. Crème filled eggs. Crème filled eggs won’t make the cut on these baskets. Can you say, “Way too much sugar.”

3. Plastic Easter Eggs. Like the eggs in the Easter egg hunt, these eggs will contain one or two pieces of candy. Probably all natural, no preservative jelly beans from Trader Joe’s.

4. Peeps. Peeps will also not make the cut. Thankfully, my children have never had them and won’t miss them.

5. Toys. I plan to throw in some colorful whistles or flutes, or other inexpensive toys, and perhaps some sidewalk chalk.

How do you plan to make a thrifty, healthier Easter basket this year?

How to Make a Healthy Sweet Potato Pie

Posted on December 8th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Sweet potato pie

It’s sweet potato season, in case you hadn’t noticed. You can get sweet potatoes at amazing prices right now. We happen to have a bunch because we grew sweet potatoes in our garden this year. So, it has been fun coming up with various recipes to use the yummy veggie.

This weekend my husband asked for a sweet potato pie. We had made one for Thanksgiving. One that was full of butter and sugar, among other things. All that sugar was part of our Thanksgiving exceptions. This time, I didn’t want to make an exception. Instead, I thought I’d give the same recipe (from Paula Deen) a healthier makeover. I cut the amount of sugar used and replaced it with honey and I substituted coconut oil for the butter. I did the same thing for the pie crust. I don’t think I have ever made pie crust by substituting coconut oil for butter. But, since the pie was just for our family, I thought I’d give it a try. (It worked!) So, here’s what I did.

2 cups peeled, cooked sweet potatoes
3/4 cups honey or maple syrup
1/2 cup melted coconut oil
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1 cup milk
9 -inch unbaked pie crust


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

For the filling, using an electric hand mixer, combine the potatoes, the honey or maple syrup, the coconut oil, eggs, vanilla, salt, and spices. Mix thoroughly. Add the milk and continue to mix. Pour the filling into the pie crust and bake for about an hour, or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.


The coconut oil won’t give you a flaky crust; it’s crunchier. But we like it! And while my ideal “healthy” pie would substitute some other kind of flour for the white flour, overall it’s a healthier yummy rendition of an old time favorite!

How do you make old time favorites a little healthier?

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