Thrifty Tips For Nurse Mama

Posted on February 6th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

Nurse Mama

When little ones get sick we spare no expense. We take them to doctors, buy them Pedialyte, and keep a constant supply of crackers to make sure they aren’t dry heaving their poor little tummies out. We get them over the counter medicines or prescribed medicines. We even find creative ways to get them to stay still that cost no money at all.

Spoon Medicine

Instead of using a medicine cup to deliver a dose of liquid medicine use measuring spoons. You can break teaspoon doses into smaller portions if you need to. You can also deliver the medicine without the medicine getting too near your toddler’s tongue, the taste center of the body.

Sick Nest

Take a regular size laundry basket, fill it with the blankets you use when a little one gets ill. You know, the blankets you don’t mind getting puked on or other. Put a pillow in there for back support. Put a basket next to it filled with crayons, coloring books, books, favorite stuffed animal friends, or the coveted hand held electronic device. You can push or pull your toddler into any room you are working in and still have them being still.

If your child no linger fits in a laundry basket convert the bathtub into a sick nest instead. Then you can just throw the soiled blankets into the laundry and rinse out the tub.

Old Baby Monitor

Once you have your child stationed where you want them, you don’t want them getting up to get water or ask you for an extra blanket. At the same time you do want to know if they need something. Use an old baby monitor as a one way communication device. You can go about your chores while still listening in for a call from your sick little guy.


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