Christmas Gifts You May Regret

Posted on December 20th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Nothing says wasted money like throwing away or giving away a Christmas present you received that you didn’t like. Here is a list of Christmas gifts more often regretted by the recipient.

1. Pets– A lot of people feel a pet is a good idea for a gift, but every year there is a HUGE influx of puppies and kittens that end up in the animal shelters once buyers remorse sets in.

2. Ties– My husband told me to put this, but he said he hated getting ties and usually never wore them. I guess I need to make a return. Novelty ties are to be especially avoided.

3. Big Mouth Billy Bass– Do you remember this little guy? He’s a fake bass fish that turns and talks to you when you walk buy. It’s TERRIBLE! My dad got one, one year and it didn’t do much more than entertain us for the day.

4. Fruit cake- My grandma argues with me on this one because she likes it, but that stuff is NASTY. And it’s like one of the top gifts EVER during the holiday season. People bring them to parties, gift exchanges and to teachers and bosses. Then those little jewels either get regifted or they go in the trash. Admit it, you’ve thrown a fruit cake in the trash.

5. Musical instruments- Unless you are a seasoned player of said instrument, don’t bother asking for one for Christmas. I did that one year in hopes of learning the guitar. It stayed in the case most of the time and I never learned a cord. It’s best to borrow a friend’s to learn on and once you know you love it, then spend the money.

What are some gifts you’ve hated?

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