When To Splurge

Posted on October 17th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We talk all the time about ways to save money, which is good for our families and wallets. I want to take the time to point out that we save money for a reason. In our household it is to increase the amount of joyful activities our family can participate in. That's why today I am posting about things in my life that are splurge worthy.


Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and other joyful events should be celebrated. This could be with gifts or a cake or a little professional spa treatment. What is the point of saving money if I can't live a little on the days that make it seem all worth it.


I like to go on vacation with my family. I love crossing the country to visit extended family while spending time with my own family. Money can not buy happiness, but it helps along the way to building family memories. It doesn't matter if I'm staying at a camping ground or a nice hotel. It's worth every penny.


I get to share more good experiences with my family if we act in a safe manner. This includes proper health, picking the right car seat or getting a fire extinguisher. I'm not saying that I need a smoke detector that I can fly to the moon and back. I do, however make sure the smoke detectors I have are in good working order.

What do you like to splurge on?

Living Social ~ Family Fun Deals!

Posted on February 14th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I love the fun deals on Living Social! If you’re looking to get out and do fun things (especially with warmer weather around the corner!) be sure to check out LivingSocial and find that fun for less money. When you’re less stressed about the money (because you spent less) you’ll naturally have more fun together.

Free Things to do with Snow and Cold Weather

Posted on January 18th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Do you have snow? We do! I don’t think it left from last winter. It comes early here and lingers around until April. We are always trying to find creative things to do with it because it’s here so much. Here are some things you can do in the snow that are either free or will cost you VERY little.

1. Sled. This has to be a given, but what family doesn’t love good ole’ fashioned sledding down a hill? It can take up a whole afternoon of fun, free entertainment for your family.

2. Make snow ice cream. If you haven’t done this, please do. Your children will love you for it. It’s easy, it has 3 ingredients and it will easily be your family’s favorite thing about snow! Here is the recipe we use.

3. Do a polar plunge. Have you ever seen a beautiful lake in the middle of winter and wanted to jump in it? Yeah me neither. However, many colder climate cities have this EVERY year. They get a group of (crazy) people and just jump in the lake for seconds. For many northerners, this is a right of passage to being a true northerner. I guess I’ll always be a poser, because I’ll never do it. But it sure is fun to watch! Google Polar Plunge and the name of your town and see if there is a local one. If anything, go watch 🙂

4. Go winter camping. My husband swears this is the greatest kind of camping, but I’ll just have to take his word for it. Most parks around us, are closed so there is no entrance fee during the winter so that helps with cost. And if you already have camping equipment, you are set. Just make sure you are prepared for the lower temperatures and maybe leave the kiddos at home for this one.

5. Host a bonfire. Go someplace where you can build a big fire to stay warm and invite friends to bring warm drinks and roast marshmallows! You can enjoy the beautiful snow, but not freeze! Everyone loves a good bonfire!


Saving Money at the Fair

Posted on August 17th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

It’s fair season around here. We went last night and had fun, but I was also on a mission to be as Thrifty as possible. Here are some things I did and some things I observed as the night went on.

1. Food is cheaper with the locals. At our fair we have two types of food vendors, the ones the fair brings with them and the local people. The local people had better food as well as less expensive food. Our fair also allowed you to bring your own food and drinks, so you could skip buying all together if that works for you.

2. See if you even need ride tickets. We bought tickets for rides when we got to the fair and I am kicking myself for it now. I don’t know what was going on that last night, but we never had one ticket taken from us. This probably isn’t the norm, but make sure they need them before you buy them. Maybe we just had lazy ride operators. All I know is I have $20 in ride tickets in my pocket.

3. Go when you can buy unlimited rides. My fair growing up did this and it was totally worth it because I loved rides. If you aren’t big on rides, skip it though. You need to get your money’s worth out of it if you do it.

4. Skip the games. No really skip the games. They aren’t worth it. They cost too much and the prizes aren’t worth $.10!

5.  Check out the free stuff. There is generally quite a bit of free things at the fair. Ours had some entertainment, a petting zoo, the police station was giving away balloons and the Shriners were giving free train rides. That kept us busy and not spending money for at least an hour.

Have you been to the fair this year? What did you do to save money?

Beat My Cooking Quiz Score

Posted on July 13th, 2012 by Coupon Cathy

Okay… clearly Discount Debbie is the cooking master around here. Have you read her awesome posts?

I took the free Cooking Quiz on Smarterer and got 85% correct. Not bad.

Think you can do better?

Father’s Day Giveaway + $10 Coupon to Cloud 9

Posted on May 21st, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Enter Cloud 9 Living’s Father’s Day Experience Giveaway Contest for your chance to win an experience! (16 winners | more than $1,700 in giveaways)

Also, get a $10 coupon to use on Cloud 9 (must use by Father’s Day).

What is Cloud 9? Think Groupon but Cloud 9 is all fun, exciting experiences. You know, it’s been proven that money spent on experiences brings more happiness than money spent on stuff. So what better gift can you give than an opportunity to do something fun?

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