New Coupons!!!

Posted on May 12th, 2015 by Coupon Cathy

$0.30 off (1) Haribo product, 4 oz. or larger
$3.00 off (2) NIVEA or NIVEA Men Body Wash
$1.00 off any ONE (1) Stayfree Product
$0.50 off one KRAFT Mayo or MIRACLE WHIP Dressing
$3.00 off On any Vanquish Headache Relief Product
$1.00 off Kerasal Exfoliating Foot Moisturizer
$2.00 off Kerasal Nail Fungal Renewal Treatment
$2.00 off (1) Sally Hansen Hair Removal Product
$1.05 off (1) Energizer EcoAdvanced™ batteries
$0.55 off (1) Energizer batteries or flashlight
$0.75 off any Two (2) TONY'S Pizzas
$1.00 off any CLEAN & CLEAR product
$2.00 off ONE CLEAN & CLEAR ADVANTAGE product
$1.50 off 10 oz bag of Nudges Dog Treats
$1.00 off (1) Quart of LACTAID Ice Cream
$4.00 off Flonase Allergy Relief 120 spray bottle
$1.00 off XTRA™ Liquid Detergent
$0.75 off ONE (1) Windex product
$0.75 off any ARM & HAMMER™ Spinbrush™ Toothbrush
$0.75 off ARM & HAMMER™ Truly Radiant™ Rinse
$0.50 off any ONE (1) ARM & HAMMER™ Toothpaste
$0.50 off any ONE Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal
$0.50 off any ONE Kellogg's Krave Cereal

4 Ways To Use Chips

Posted on May 12th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


They could be salt and vinegar chips. It could be those yummy tortilla chips. Chips seem to be a household favorite. Sometimes, however we end up with half eaten bags of stale chips. When you’re looking to save money a good way to is to use the things around you in another way. This is even true of our beloved chips.

Cover A Caserole

Broken up potato chips are a great way top top a casserole. They spread well, have a little crunch and come with their own seasoning. Using different flavors (such as sour cream and onion or BBQ) is a great way to make the same potato casserole recipe taste different if it’s a main meal for your family.

A Main Ingredient

Tortilla chips can be used to make nachos or as a layer in a taco salad. You can nacho cheese flavored for some extra kick of spice. They also work well with a homemade bean and cheese dip. Add salsa and you have a great, healthy snack.

Duck Food

In our home bread seldom goes stale. The same can’t be said of chips. It seams we always have a cup worth of chips that have been deemed inedible lurking at the bottom of the bag. So instead of feeding the ducks bread, we feed them our stale broken up chips. The ducks don’t seem to mind one little bit.


If you like to make your meat with a breaded covering, potato chips are a good covering to use. They have spices and flavoring; they crumble easily. All you need to do is brush your pork chops or chicken legs with a little oil and put them in a bag with the crumbled chips. Then shake the bag until your meat is fully covered; and bake or fry your finished product at your discretion.





Six Inexpensive Things To Do With Children Outside

Posted on May 12th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


We all want to get outside with our little ones, but often find ourselves just staring at each other wondering what to do. Here are six ideas for getting outside with our children that don’t cost an arm or a leg.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

My little guy is really into bugs and I use that to my advantage when we are outside. We save the lives of worms baking on a hot side walk, look for caterpillars and announce when butterflies fly past. It happened so often that we decided to make a game of it. Now we look for a list of bugs as well as new animals. We make a list of critters (from cats to bugs) and go looking for them at the park or in the neighborhood.

Play Games

There are many games that just aren’t right for inside. Tag, Red Rover and other childhood games are made for the outside. You can tell by all the running and jumping around. These are a few of the games that you and your child can play. You can also make up your own games.

Side Walk Chalk

Side walk chalk is great no matter where you live. If you live near a side walk, have a cement balcony or a cement driveway you can use side walk chalk. Use it to draw a hopscotch or tic tac toe game. Or you can just draw pretty pictures. It’s up to you.

Play With Fire

One night have a very well monitored (and legal) fire pit. Roast marshmallows on a stick and make s’mores, they can be the dessert for the roasted hot dogs on a stick. Tell stories and teach fire safety. This will also teach them the basics of outdoor cooking.


Whether you have a potted flower next to the door or an entire vegetable garden, working in the dirt can be rewarding. It can teach your children to have greater respect for the Earth, knowing that our food comes from it and that we need safe and clean places to grow that food. It also teaches them patience. You need to wait to see a plant grow. There is no instant gratification in a garden.

Cloud Watching

Lay in the backyard or on a beach with your little one and talk about the colors and shapes of clouds. Watch a storm come in together. Just make sure to get indoors before it starts to rain on you. Cloud expeditions can naturally lead to talking about other things in life, which is why you are out with your little one to begin with.



A Thrifty Mother’s Day

Posted on May 8th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


It’s not that we don’t appreciate mom enough to splurge on her. It’s that we just don’t have a budget that will cooperate with splurging all that much. Here are a few tips for those that fall into this category.

Craft Flowers

While I’m sure mom would love the coffee filter flowers, there is a more refined crafted flower out there to make for mom. Check out for a few flower crafting ideas. They may take a bit of time but they will be very pretty for mom and will last longer.

If paper flowers just aren’t in your crafting ability pick up some fake flowers at the dollar store. Remove the petals from the stems and leaves and mix and match the petals. Then put the new flowers back together. You will end up with more colorful and fuller flowers. To go the extra mile outline the petals with a gold, silver, or matching glitter glue.


Cards are easier than ever to make, and you can get as creative as you would like without spending a dime. Upload a family picture to and use overlays, framing, and color tinting to turn it into a great visual. Add some loving words in a nice font. You can either have it printed and mailed out, or send it as an attachment to your mom in an email. If you aren’t sure you’re that tech savvy you can also use to create and send mom a digital card. They have step by step instructions to get you through the process.

A Gift of Self

When you have a talent, share it with your mom. Make a dinner for her and bring paper products or do the dishes so she doesn’t have to. Start a garden with her or let your children start a garden with her. Spend time through out the year tending the garden. You could also make a blanket or quilt for her if that is your gift.




Walgreens: Free 8×10 Photo Print

Posted on May 7th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia

walgreens free print

Walgreens: Free 8×10 Photo Print – Use code FREE2PRINT at checkout and select “In Store Pickup.” Ends May 9th.

How Organization Helps Frugality

Posted on May 7th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

organized copy

Frugality isn’t just all about saving money. I mean, at its core, I guess it is, but there is more to frugality than just keeping a sharp eye on your checkbook balance. Not being organized can actually end up with you spending more than you need to.

For instance, say you have some stacks of books lying around that you’ve been meaning to find a place for. You head to the store and buy a couple of bookcases that are on sale. Maybe you even had a coupon on top of that! Great savings, huh? But then you get home and find out that one of the bookcases is a couple of inches too long for your wall and lies over the doorjamb. And even though the bookcases looked big in the store, it turns out all of your books won’t fit on them! You shove the extras on top of the bookcases and intend to buy some bookends, but you’re disappointed in how things have gone.

By organizing first you can avoid this situation. You can set aside some time—just ten minutes!—before you head to the store. Look at your books and pick out the ones you never, ever read, and realistically never will. Put them in a box to donate or give away. Believe me, I love books and my husband is a librarian, so I know how hard this can be, but it is also hard to be frugal when you have too much stuff. After you’ve pared down your collection, whip out a measuring tape and measure your space. Bring it along to the store, and measure those shelves that are on sale. If they won’t fit—don’t buy them! It’s not really saving money if the shelves don’t fit and you hate how cluttered they will look trying to squeeze them on the wall anyway. By taking just a few minutes to organize and measure your space—and of course, this goes for far more than just books—you can maximize y our frugality by not buying things you don’t actually have the space for.

Dedicating A Day To The Kitchen Craft

Posted on May 6th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


We all want home cooked meals and homemade bread. We just may not be able to fit it into our daily schedule. We may, however, be able to fit it into a weekly schedule by dedicating a whole day all to the kitchen craft.

Get a System Going

Baking can either cost money in ingredients that you never get around to using or save money because you have a set time and way to get your baking done. Consider how much bread you will need. If you need more than the one or two loafs that are produced by the recipe you can double the recipe. This can help you make four loaves worth of bread rather than the two set forth by your recipe. Providing you have enough bread pans (or muffin pans if your family prefers a hand held form of carbs) and a big enough oven you can make double the bread in the same amount of time. This reduces the chances of needing to run out and buy store bread in the middle of the week.

Set a Schedule

A bread baking day does not have to be all about baking. Often the time it takes to make bread or cook a crock pot soup is waiting. We wait for the slow cooker to cook the food. We wait for the bread to rise and cook. We wait until our food is cool enough to store or eat. During a baking day use a schedule and set a timer. After that go about other household activities. While it is best to stay home with cooking projects turned on, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be your laundry day.


A cooking day or baking day isn’t just about preparing wholesome breads and frozen soups to feed you family for a week. It is also about treating your family. The smells bring good memories down the line. The tastier baked goods can also be used to buy your children’s help in the kitchen. For the cookies you can have the help sweep the floor. Doing the dishes for you constitutes baking a pie. Making baked goodies only a baking day treat will both get you assistance and bring a positive reaction to your family when your kitchen dwelling day rolls around.

First Aid Classes For Free

Posted on May 6th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


One of the most important classes that any person needs is a first aid class. We just may not have a schedule that syncs with a class schedule at your local red cross or the money to spend on first aid learning. Lucky for us there is a free first aid class that you can take online from


This website will give you a certificate but it’s not recognized by any health care professionals or organizations (all found in their medical disclaimer). This means that if you are trying to take first aid courses for professional reasons or to meet a qualification requirement you will need to find a different class. For those just looking for information, however, this is a good place to start.

Different Level Classes

There are a number of classes that you can take on this website that are first aid related. You can start out with the basic course and move on to the advanced. There is a course dedicated to pediatric first aid. There is also a course that teaches you all about using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

Each class is broken down into modules which are also broken down into units. This makes it easy to keep your learning organized and keep track of where you are in the lesson when you log in.

In addition to the classes there are also other study resources and blog articles to help you along.


Want to know if you are retaining the knowledge you are trying to absorb. You can test your knowledge in the quiz section of the website. The quiz will be a standard true false or multiple choice quiz and you will get a score at the end of the quiz which will help you determine if you are ready to move on or keep studying where you are.


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