Finding Frugal Downtime as Mommy

Posted on November 25th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

frugal downtime

Stress can waste a good deal of money. Ask any mother and she will tell you. She shops, gets spa treatments, and eats out all to reduce responsibilities in her life as well as stress. There is often guilt involved from spending that money. Either the mommy guilt, feeling we should never need time off, or the money guilt that you really can’t afford what we have spent.

More Mommies = More Downtime

Mommies are the front line of child care. If you are a stay at home mom one of your financial benefits is not needing to pay child care. If you are a working mom you most likely don’t want to spend more on child care. This is especially true when you have younger children. Rather than getting a babysitter to get your downtime, collect a group of like minded moms and their children. Pick an activity, such as pedicures or a hair treatment. Take turns giving and receiving the pampering service as well as a turn watching the children. You and the other moms all get a break from the kids, pampering, and don’t have to pay for babysitting.

Share With the Kids

Sometimes the desire for downtime doesn’t  mean getting away from the kids. It just means you don’t want to run around like the responsible chicken with your head cut off. You are feeling stressed and want a break without alienating your kiddos. So share your downtime with them. This could be watching your favorite child friendly television show with them, or sharing an ice cream bar. You’ll end up with less stress, a happier mommy, and a happier little one.

Actively Take Time Alone

Don’t wait for the right time to come along to have a break. Set a regular time to do something you enjoy. It may be after the kids go to bed or you could take turns with your spouse caring for the kids in the evening so you both get a break at the end of the day. Everyone needs downtime.

 What do you do to get a break without breaking your budget?

Making Art Supplies Last Longer

Posted on November 21st, 2014 by Discount Debbie

art supplies

Artistic people go through art supplies quickly. They create wonderful works of art that bring happiness to others, but at a cost. Here are a few ways to reduce the costs that go with creative and artistic work.

Drawing to Stippling

Changing the style of art you do can also change the amount of resources that you use during your projects. I used to draw, but was constantly sharpening my pencils down to get the best look and using a great deal of pencil “lead” to create shading. Then I switched to stippling. The use of dots reduced the amount of colored pencil that I used in both shading and sharpening. Creating dots don’t always require a fine point. Shading is just adding more dots, and sometimes just in a darker color. It keeps me from going through quite as many colored pencils but allows me to still enjoy my art.

Proper Care

One of the simplest ways to save money on art supplies is to treat them with care. Don’t leave clay out to dry. Don’t crush your paint brush bristles by pushing too hard into your painting. Wash them out when you are finished with them. Put crayons away where they can’t be broken. The better care you take with your art supplies the longer they will last.

Both Sides of the Paper

This tip is more for those with artistic children or draw in a sketch pad. Use both sides of a piece of paper. For children this will extend the use of a piece of paper that is going to end up on your fridge and reduce the amount of paper your child uses. This works pretty well in sketch pads as well, just so long as you aren’t working with a wet or oily product.

Saving Money With Lazy Days

Posted on November 20th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

lazy days

Lazy days are some of the best days in human existence. They are days filled with silence or family, but not obligations and stress. They can be a little bit of a money sink though, because they aren’t really days of financial production. Here are a few ways to limit the costs of your lazy day and still come out of them worry free and refreshed.

What’s In The Fridge

Do you have a fridge full of leftovers? Do you have microwave dinners in your freezer or a bag of salad in your crisper? Instead of ordering out or going to a restaurant use up what you haven’t used in your fridge. This is also an easy way to prep your fridge for cleaning day. When scrounging in your fridge just throw out what looks bad.

Stay In

Don’t waste money at a landmark or at the zoo. Don’t waste gas by going for a drive or to the store. Just stay in your own home and watch a movie or have friends over. Spend the day on the porch watching your kids in the backyard. Work on crafts or gaze out the window or into the fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Stress Relief

Do something small for your health without feeling bad. Take a nap. Have a bubble bath. Enjoy a wrestling match with your toddler. Do something that will actually relieve stress and allow your to feel better on an emotional level and therefore more productive on your non-lazy days.

Natural Light

Leave all electric or battery operated lights off. Use sunlight that come through windows and skylights. Use the fireplace or candle light. Both sunlight and candle light are linked to stress reduction. This is also a mild natural way to warm your home on chilly fall days. Just be sure to wear your favorite fuzzy slippers and pajamas.

 What do you do on your lazy days?

Why You Should Visit TV Channel Websites

Posted on November 17th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

TV Channel Websites

There are many ways to get free stuff on the internet, but one of the most overlooked ways to get free stuff is by visiting the websites of television channels. TV, through set times to broadcast and thousands of commercials, is becoming a thing of the past. Why would people choose to watch television the old way when they can watch when they want with fewer ads? As a result, TV channel websites are finding more ways to keep the interest and loyalty of their viewers.

Free Kids Stuff

There are many things for kids to do other than watch the show when you visit the website of their favorite television channel. They can have stories read. They can interact with their favorite characters. There are games to play. You can even print out coloring pages of your child’s favorite cartoon characters. It’s a fun way to get away from the actual watching of the television show and at the same time still be able to let your child see their favorite shows.

Comes Out Before Netflix

When you visit Netflix you need to wait until the next season of the show you are watching comes out in full to see what happens next. When you watch Hulu some shows you can see right away. Others are only on Hulu Plus. Some of these same shows are available on their channel websites right after airing. Other channels choose to post episodes on their website a week later.

Loyalty Rewards and Stores

Some channel websites offer loyalty points that offer great discounts for (you guessed it) their website store. It’s a good place to find merchandise for a friend or family member who has a favorite show. There are also sweepstakes and giveaways offered on some websites. They could be for anything from coveted kitchen wares to shows on DVD, but if you win they are free.

Where To Find Free PC Games

Posted on November 11th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

free pc games

There are many great games to play on the computer, and you don’t have to break the bank to get them. There are games for those of us trying to find a replacement for our latest Facebook addiction. There are games that are a blast from our past. There are even those cool well-known games that you could get at a bargain price. All you have to know is where to find them and how to download them. Here are a few great websites where I have found a bargain or two.

The Humble Bundle

This is a great site to find some really inexpensive deals on PC games. will tell you where the game is (like Steam) and how much it costs. We have found a number of free games as well some low cost bargains. For example, a few months back the Sims 2 introduction pack was offered for free on this site. They also have book bundles and a mobile bundle coming soon. When looking for bargain downloads for you or your kids, this is a great place to start.


Do you want to find older games.  is a great place to look. They had Oregon Trail, one of my personal favorites. Most of these games have been put out to pasture by their designers and are now free to download and play, legally. If you have been playing video games for years and would like to share some of your first games with your kids, this is a great place to look around.

Awesome Classics has plenty of games for those of us that like a good mental exercise. There are hidden object games, mahjong games, card games, and word games.There are also racing and sports games. They are free to download and play, and don’t require Facebook credits.

Don’t Miss These 3 Swagbucks Offers!

Posted on November 10th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Some offers on Swagbucks are a great bargain for the quality of the product. Here are a few I have found that I have enjoyed.

Wen Hair Care Interductory Kit

This offer works best when your get the basic kit. It costs $29.95, but you get the equal value back in swag bucks. In this offer even the shipping is free. You will have the choice between three  hair type formulas, each with its own scent. The basic package comes with three products, including an anti frizz styling creme. You also get a free travel kit. You can give it as a gift for the holiday season or pamper yourself.

Elmo’s Learning Adventure From Sesame Street

This offer is for children books, activity books, and learning cards. This costs $3.99 in shipping and handling, but you receive $7.50 for taking the offer, so you actually make money off this offer. It’s valued at $34.75 regularly. It comes in three parts, one part each month. If you want to, you can get two more months worth of product, but for a higher cost. Taking this offer is a great way to build up your toddler’s library without breaking the bank.

Julep Maven Box

This offer will have you take a little quiz to find out your type and then pick a few products to send you. Mostly it’s going to be nail care products. For example, I received a clear top coat and two colors of nail polish. When using this offer there is a promotion code that you will need to get off the Swagbucks website. You will need to pay $2.99 in shipping and handling, but will receive 800 Swagbucks in return, so once again you will be making money off this offer. My last tip when receiving this offer, choose the month to month payment option, so you can choose not to continue and pay to continue the next month.

 What are your favorite offers on Swagbucks?

Entertaining at Home

Posted on November 7th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

entertaining at home

Entertaining at home is a great way for you to save money. You don’t have to tip a server. You don’t have to invest gas money into where you are going. You can just stay at home and have your friends or family come to you. Here are a few ways to save yourself even more in resources and save your guests a little as well.

Food Donations

If your home is the main place that you and your friends come for weekend entertainment you may want to consider asking for them to chip in a little for the food. It could be a bottle of soda or a bag of chips. You could make it a potluck dinner. Make sure you provide something as well. If it’s a meal you are responsible for the main course. If it’s a party add your contributions as well.


Use what you already have. If you have board or card games use those. If you don’t, play charades instead. If you are into role playing games have a scenario planned for your guests. Children may also be present depending on your group. Find ways to involve them. Play games at their level. Let them be their own character or a parents minion during a role playing game. Give them a turn during charades and if needed offer help.

Saving On Gas

You have already saved gas by being at home for the night’s festivities. Have your guests car pool so that they can save money. See who would be willing to provide rides and coordinate them with those who may need a ride. Also try to plan your get together to start and end at a time that avoids rush hour traffic. Be aware of how traffic patterns shift in your living area on certain days and adjust your plans accordingly.


3 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Kid’s Stuff

Posted on November 4th, 2014 by Discount Debbie


There are things that our children out grow that we are fine giving away or throwing out. There are others that we wish we could keep around a little longer. What we don’t want is for them to take up precious closet space without a purpose. Here are a few tips to give purpose to those things that you want to stick around a little while longer.

Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets are basically large pieces of cloth and can be used for many things. In the kitchen I have used them as dish towels. They can be cut up, stacked in threes, and sewn together to make pot holders. In the bathroom they can be used to make wash clothes or cleaning rags. If you like the print on them, they can be cut up and used as quilting squares and warm your child for many years to come.


Some items of clothing, like baby clothing is too cute to give away. Consider using it as doll clothes for a larger doll. Children like having a large variety of clothes for their dolls or stuffed animals. Baby clothes are a perfect wardrobe for your little one’s stuffed friends. Other items (your favorite ones) can be saved for your grandchildren and passed on. Denim items can be cut up to use in crafting items such as jean purses or hair items. It can be used to cover a headband or make a scrunchy. They will reduce the hunt for matching hair accessories because denim goes with just about anything.


Small toys make great holiday decorations. Bunnies come out at Easter. Bears come out for Christmas. Any toy with a heart come out for Valentine’s Day. Or you can arrange your animals in Valentine’s Day sets. Small plastic toys can be made into Christmas tree ornaments by threading ribbons onto them and placing them on the tree. The nostalgia factor for both you and your kids is an added bonus.

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