7 Uses For Dish Soap

Posted on February 16th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Dish soap is the best, and not just for cleaning dishes. It can be used for cleaning, bathing, and fun.

Bubble Bath

Want lots and lots of bubbles in your bubble bath? Use dish soap. My little guy in particular loves this. Plenty of bubbles and they seem to last longer than commercial bubble bath.

Bubble Solution

Just add water. I use about one teaspoon of dish soapĀ to one cup of water. Instead of a bubble wand I use drinking straws to blow bubbles. They are a little more complicated, but they work well enough once you get the hang of it.

Hair Degreaser

Nothing will strip your hair of gunk and excess conditioner like dish soap. Just make sure you don’t use the type that has bleach in it.

Homemade Skating Rink

Strap big sponges on your kids’ feet and knees. Clear the kitchen of tables, chairs, or trip hazards. Spray the kitchen floor down with a sprayer and add a little dish soap. Let your kids suds up your floor by skating and skidding around on the sponges.

Cleaning The Floor

To be honest this comes as a natural result of letting your kids use your floor as a skating ring. You may need a few towels to clean up the water, but you end up with sparkling floors clean enough to eat off of.


It is possible to clean windows without a glass cleaner. Use soapy warm water instead. Dish soap will get a window clean. Then use paper towels or newspaper to dry your windows.

Car Wash

Dish soap works well for washing the car. Just use those giant sponges and a bucket of soapy water to suds up the car. Then use the hose to rinse off your ride. It doesn’t leave streaking and is less expensive than actual car wash products. Be sure to dry and wax.



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