Save Money On Halloween Costumes

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With four kids dressing up for Halloween each year, I had to find some unique ways to save money on those costumes. Two of the kids have now outgrown dressing up. It’s “not cool anymore mom”. But I still find ways to save on the youngest kids costumes. Check out my top tips below:

Organize a costume swap with friends: We have done this quite a few times when my kids were younger. Many years the kids only wore their costumes 1-2x. So, they were like new the next year and had plenty of wear left for the next child to use. We would plan a get together for the first week of October and lay out all the costumes to browse through.

Make your own costume: If you’re crafty, use your skills to make your child’s costume. It can be as easy as the old white sheet to make a ghost, or get the sewing machine out and get to work!

Use what you have: We have done this a few times over the years. Thankfully, my boys wanted to be a baseball player or my girls wanted to be a princess. Since the boys played Little League, we always had a uniform around the house. And my girls had the princess trunk filled with dresses, feathery boas, plastic heel shoes, and more. Easy peasy! And it saved me lots of dough.

Buy used: Head out to the thrift or consignment shops in your area and browse through the costumes. They usually start to pull them out the end of September. Start early for the best selections.

Shop AFTER Halloween for the following year: The day after Halloween, costumes go on clearance. They usually start at 20% off and eventually end up at 90% off!  Don’t forget accessories and decorations while you’re at it!

Halloween Costumes On A Budget

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Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun time of year when done correctly. There is candy and pumpkins and costumes. Oh, the costumes! They could by far be the most expensive part of Halloween. There are ways around spending that money and still coming up with a great Halloween costume.


That’s right. One of the best ways to save money on Halloween costumes is to use your children’s pajamas. The best type to use are the one piece one color type. In infants, this could mean a onesie. In older children, it could mean those much loved footie pajamas. When dealing with your much taller and more seasoned trick or treaters, sweat suits of one color could make a good base for your outfit. A gray sweat suit is a good starting point in making an elephant costume. Add a gray tube sock for the trunk and you’re set for a night of candy and fun.

Old Make Up

What family of teenage girls don’t have some old make up products lying around? Time to put that over hyped face paint to good use. Since cardboard and plastic masks have been deemed a safety hazard (limits the ability to breath) face painting has become the best way to integrate your face into your costume. That doesn’t mean we really want to spend the money on face paint. Eye shadow can create real looking dirt stains and bruises. Lips stick makes convincing blood red lips or tiger stripes depending on the shade. This is a night to go heavy on the make up.

Duct Tape

They say that duct tape can fix almost anything, and I have found that whoever they are, they are telling the truth. This includes Halloween costumes. Due to the fact that duct tape comes in a variety of colors, it’s a great pick for making stripes on a tiger or zebra. Or you can use old fashioned silver to create chains for your little ghoul or puppy on a leash.

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