Ways To Cut Your Grocery Spending

Posted on January 16th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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I looked over our 2014 spending a few weeks ago and was appalled (because we didn’t really budget) at how much we spent on groceries last year. Our grocery spending came second only to our mortgage payments! We are very thrifty shoppers, believe it or not, but eating healthy is a priority for our family. When I look over lists and read books on how to cut grocery spending, I find that I’m already doing what they suggest about 90% of the time. But since we still need to cut spending, while maintaining our healthy food priority, I’m making a few more changes this year.

1. Budget. I’ve started watching our grocery spending much more closely. If I can cut our grocery spending in half, or even by a third, it would be the equivalent of me getting an additional part time job! It’s worth being vigilant about it!

2. Re-Evaluating Purchases. I’ve taken another look at the “Clean 15” list, foods that are pretty much pesticide-free even when grown conventionally, in order to be ready to substitute foods that we normally buy organic with non-organic foods from the list. For example, I took a fresh look at the list before going shopping yesterday. Although we usually purchased frozen organic mango chunks, I opted for the non-organic frozen pineapple chunks, which were cheaper by almost $1 per pound.

I also usually buy organic onions. This time, I bought a 10 pound bag of onions for $5.

I’m on a mission.

3. Re-evaluating the meal plan. We’ve decided to have at least one, if not two, days a week without beef or chicken. I researched and researched until I found a site where I could order bulk organic dried beans. Our local Whole Foods sells organic dried black beans for $3.49/lb. I got a 25 pound bag for $1.48/lb (including shipping).

4. Reduce trips to the grocery store. I posted about this the other day. I don’t know if I can really just shop once per month; I’m aiming for twice a month for now.

What are you doing to cut your grocery bill?

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