Christmas Check List – A Poem

Posted on December 23rd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

check list

On the night before Christmas what we don’t want to do

is run out for bows, tape, or glue.

We’ve made sure we have batteries and all the right tools

to put together a big toy or two.

The stockings are hung and soon those we will fill

full of sugary things that will make our kids ill.

For dinner we’ll have turkey or ham,

corn on the cob and some candied yams.

We have our ingredients, sugar and spices

to fulfill all our taste bud vices.

There are plenty a way for our thirst to cure.

We have hot chocolate, eggnog and apple cider.

When our food choices put digestion to the test,

we know that mint herbal tea will help us the best.

We’ve put the tinsel and bells on our trees

and left out for Santa a plate of cookies.

Then send out the cards to those that we know

and call family to talk about snow.

We’ll set up our reindeer out on the lawn

and string lights that we’ll keep on all night long.

We know for this day we have been waiting all year

and found some good deals to help spread the cheer.

We have prepared for our family traditions

in spite of our untimely teenage sedition.

We have new pajamas and new winter hats

put wreaths on on our doors and elf ears on our cats.

Our doorways are garnished with sprigs of mistletoe

so we can steal a kiss with that someone we know.

We’ll read Christmas stories and perhaps go to mass

and vow in our hearts these feelings will last.

We’ll bring good will the rest of the year through

and bring soup to the hungry and those with the flu.

We will continue to do that which is right,

make people happy and avoid family fights.

Yes this is what we’ll do to reduce our stress

while living more and spending less.

And the last thing we need to do

is wish a Happy Holidays from us to you.


Merry Christmas from Thrifty Divas!







Rainy Day Internet Activities For Little Kids

Posted on November 26th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

rainy day

The internet is a wonderful tool for rainy days. It gives your child the opportunity to stretch their imagination and have indoor fun. At the same time we want them to have useful activities, not just a day of zoning out in front of the computer. Here are a few fun activities I have found online for a smart but entertaining rainy day.

Zoo World 2

This Facebook game is great on so many levels. First they make patience pay off. You can earn the special currency a little at a time. They make it possible to get special products without spending money. For example, I was able to “rescue a special dinosaur” rather than spend special currency on it. It’s also a great learning tool for my child. We sit together and name the animals as well as their colors and the number of a species we have. We discuss what each animal would eat and pick the terrain we think would be best. I can teach my son about new animals by looking them up on Wikipedia and reading about them. You can build your zoo specifically to your child’s interests. Mine specializes in elephants, dinosaurs, and butterflies.

Exercise Videos

Rainy days aren’t the best motivators for physical fitness. However, Youtube is full of exercise videos that can be done indoors. My favorite indoor exercises to do with my little ones are simple yoga and tai chi.  It’s easy to introduce these types of exercises to a child for both fitness and calming down indoors. It gives their bodies something appropriate to do while spending their energy.


Do you have family members that are far away? Try using rainy days to Skype family members across the country. If the schedules of your family at home and your family abroad don’t coincide, write an email together. Use a silly font or color for the words to make it more fun and personalized.

What do you and your kids do on rainy days?




Top 8 Things Replaced By Your Smartphone

Posted on July 29th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Phone technology is getting to a point where we may not need other electronic devices other than our phones. They have many tools and uses. Here are some of my favorites.

1 – Calculator Anything from working out a budget to figuring out the amount you should tip can be done with your phone calculator. You will most likely have it with you while shopping, so you can keep track of how much your groceries are costing you before you get to the check out lane. As long as you have a charged phone with you there is no need to buy a basic calculator again.

2 – Alarm Clock This could include any type of time device. As long as you have a phone, there is no need to buy a clock or a watch unless you are one of those people that need a back up alarm. Watches and clocks are becoming simply a form of decoration for home or wrist.

3 – Entertainment Most phones can now play music getting rid of the need for any portable music device. Some you download your songs to. Others you log into your favorite music website using the internet. Our phones also have big enough screens for us to enjoy videos, and television, as well as games.

4 – Communication Naturally the phone has become the main way we communicate with each other. We can call each other, text each other, and email each other from the little device the size of our hand. We can even make our phone calls with live video feed.  We can also access our social media using our phones.

5 – Camera Camera use on a phone doesn’t just mean still life photos anymore. We can also record video with our phones.  These aren’t horrible cameras either. The have pretty good resolution and take great shots. Plus, going back to communication, it’s easy to share photos with family and friends without the use of the postal service.

6 – Internet Access Many phones don’t just access email anymore. They give directions, show maps, and connect to search engines. In addition to the before mentioned communication and entertainment uses of the phone, you may not need an actual computer for much more than a storage device or printer from time to time.

7 – Apps There are also helpful tools that you can now download with your phone. My particular favorite is the flashlight app. As long as I know where my phone is when the lights go out I don’t have to go searching for the flashlight I haven’t used in three or more months.

8 – Planning Our phones now also have notepads and calendars built into them as well. They can serve as our planners and even remind us of what is scheduled.

What’s your favorite use for your phone that has replaced something else?

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