Take a Frugal Break

Posted on January 10th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Extreme couponers spend about 6-9 hours clipping coupons. Not to mention all the time they spend shopping for food. But sometimes you need to take a little break. Sometimes the break will give you the rest you need to tackle larger thrifty projects like getting rid of your personal debt. If you are getting to the point where being Thrifty is becoming too much for you, it’s time for a break and regroup.

There are some things that may have suffered because you’ve been living the Thrifty Divas way. Here are some examples of things you may be missing.

Do you never go out to eat anymore? 
Go and eat a big steak and order more than water.

You are wearing shoes you bought 5 years ago and you think duck tape is adequate to fix it. 
Go buy yourself some proper shoes.

Was your last vacation to your uncle’s funeral an hour away? 
Seriously it’s time to have fun, you can still be frugal, but at least go do something.

Are you freezing in your home because you dont want the heat bill?
Turn it up and enjoy some warmth. It’s not worth being cold to save money. It’s just not. And it can quickly make you feel burned out on “saving”.

Instead of hanging out with your friends you are clipping coupons. 
There is no amount of money that is worth you not getting the human interaction you need. Drop the scissors and go out!

When’s the last time you actually went to a theater?
Go watch the latest release and maybe even enjoy some popcorn!

Some other advice for taking a frugal break.

You may be putting away a lot of money every month to pay off a large debt. Instead of doing that one month, take half of what you’d normally put make and add some extra to your fun money. You can still be on goal, but the extra fun, will help with your attitude in the long term.

Living the Thrifty Diva life doesn’t have to be pain and suffering, but sometimes it can be stressful. Take a break, have some fun, spend some money, laugh, eat dessert and buy something for full price. Then get back on the frugal wagon with a renewed since of hope!

This seriously helps me every time!

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