Reviving Dry Erase Markers

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Maybe you’re a teacher who uses whiteboards at school. Maybe you’re a parent who keeps a grocery list or to-do list whiteboard up in your kitchen. Maybe your kids have whiteboards to play with in their art area. At any rate, you might find out that you’re blowing through your stash of dry erase markers much faster than you’d care to replace them. Before you head to the store to buy more, try one or more of these tips below! You may end up getting a few more weeks or months out of your markers than you thought possible!

  • Store them differently. Do you store them vertically, tip-up? Gravity drains the ink down to the bottom, away from the tip, so when you go to use markers stored this way, they may seem dry, when really the ink is just all at the bottom! Store them tip-down until they work again, and then store them on their sides, horizontally, from then on.


  • Dip tip in alcohol. If your marker isn’t water-based (it will say this on the packaging), dip the tip in rubbing alcohol or acetone nail polish remover. The ink might have dried into a crust on the pen tip, and alcohol will dissolve this gunk and allow the ink to flow freely again. Make sure you test an alcohol-dipped pen on a small section on your whiteboard to ensure it won’t damage it. If this doesn’t work:


  • Snip off the tip. But not too much! Use scissors to snip off just the part covered in crusty ink.


  • Clean your whiteboard. Do you only use your eraser on your board, but have never really wiped it clean with anything else? Leftover dried ink and dust can make it hard for new things to be written on your whiteboard. Use a whiteboard cleaner and clean rag to scrub your whiteboard clean! Get off all the old streaks and marks that you can. Let it dry, and try writing on it again.

Hopefully these tips help you extend the life of your dry erase markers for a while longer!

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