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Posted on January 9th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

A Thrifty Diva is not just frugal, she’s a DIVA too. As a diva she knows how to make the most of life on a budget. She never looks “cheap” and keeps her look classy. That means knowing the difference between when it’s a good idea to spend less and when a “splurge” is actually a worthwhile investment.

What worthwhile splurge am I talking about today?

A Good Bra

A bad bra will instantly take your look to frumpy-ville. And no matter how good a bra is, if it fits wrong it’ll make you look frumpy. While it’s tempting to just buy any bra at a good price, you’ll pay for it in other ways you wish you hadn’t.

I learned this the hard way. I spent far too long wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting bras due to budget woes limiting my bra choices. My posture suffered. I was much less inclined to work out due to the discomfort (even my sports bra was all wrong for me). I certainly didn’t… well, look as good as I could’ve if you know what I mean. And what’s most sad, I had no idea a better bra would make all of the difference. I thought I had no choice but to be that uncomfortable! Then finally I got fed up and figured there had to be a better bra out there.

Getting fitted can be helpful and you can get a free no-purchase necessary bra-fitting at stores like Dillards. After I figured out what I needed for my figure, I couldn’t quite let go of my thrifty side. Between clearance racks and special sales at department stores, plus shopping the local outlet center, I discovered good bras that didn’t break the bank! Albeit a bit more of an investment, but well worth the price in exchange for everyday comfort.

Still need help? There are bra experts out there! Like on the new show “Double Divas” which premieres Thursday, January 10 (10/9c) on Lifetime.

“Double Divas” follows LiviRae owners, bra experts, and best friends Molly Hopkins Cynthia Richards. These southern belles use their natural talents to help women with any and all intimate apparel needs. The show is essentially light hearted entertainment to um… “lift” your spirits. 😉 And along the way you’ll understand better the importance of a good bra.

Have you made the terrible mistake of wearing a cheap bra? Or the wrong size of bra? What bra-tastrophes have you committed?

Don’t forget, “Double Divas” premieres Thursday, January 10 (10/9c) on Lifetime.

*Thanks Lifetime for sending me a Bratastrophe Prevention Kit in anticipation of the show premiere!

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