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Posted on January 7th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

It’s January 7th which means many of you are a week into your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier. You may also be noticing that eating junk is sometimes a little cheaper. Sad to say that is generally true. However, we are always posting deals on healthy foods too, so make sure you keep checking out Thrifty Divas for some awesome deals.

Also, here are some ways to keep those resolutions going while not breaking your wallet.

1. Measure everything. Part of healthy eating is proper portions. I know my huge problem (no pun intended) is overeating. Overeating also obviously costs more because more food is consumed. By measuring everything, you’ll eat less and of course, save money.

2. Drink water. Ditch the sodas and high calorie lattes and switch to water. It’s VERY cheap and way better for you.

3. Buy frozen vegetables. Fresh veggies are better for you most of the time, but honestly the difference it’s huge from fresh to frozen. Especially because most frozen foods are flash frozen right after being harvested. Frozen is cheaper than fresh vegetables.

4. Meal plan! This is always a plus, but if you want to stay healthy in your eating AND save money, you MUST plan for it. It’s too easy when you are hungry to throw in the towel and eat out or just whatever you can get your hands on. Failure to plan will result in failure!

5. Don’t buy anything in a box. This is a great rule of thumb if you are trying to get healthy. I once heard a nutritionist say you should only shop on the outer sections of a grocery store. Then you mostly get fresh produce and dairy. I think that’s a great plan for a healthier you!

6. LOVE beans! If you are dieting, beans are great for you. They are full of fiber and are incredibly CHEAP!

7. Don’t sign up for anything. This time of year Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and 24-hour fitness are being bombarded with new memberships. Nothing is wrong with these companies, but generally people sign up for these things around the New Year and end up going off their plan and being stuck paying for something they aren’t using. It’s such a waste of money! Instead, try it on your own for a month and if after that you want to join a gym or some other weight loss program, do it! You are more likely to stick with it once you’ve done it on your own.

What are you doing for a more healthier you?

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