New Year’s Cleaning

Posted on December 31st, 2014 by Freebie Felicia


Happy New Year everybody! Now is the time for new beginnings, resolutions and starting the year off right. It’s also a great time to give your home a good de-cluttering. You see New Year is a good deal like being a bride. You have things that are old, new, borrowed and (in the fridge) blue. Since it’s the most likely to be the most disgusting, we can start with the blue.


Time to clean out the fridge, cupboards and under the couch. If you have a junk drawer it’s time to clean that out as well. These are most likely the places that you will find old food growing its own eco system. Clean until you see the bottom of what you are cleaning and then give the bottom a good scrub.


Time to give stuff that isn’t ours back. It may have been that turkey pan that you borrowed from your mom. It could be a DVD that you borrowed from a friend on Halloween. It’s a good time to send all the things that aren’t really your property back to their rightful owners.


Time to get rid of old clutter. Old baby clothes need to go to the a thrift store or to someone who has a child in that age group. Old toys can be donated to a child care center or to a church nursery. Old clothes (or clothes that we have no chance of fitting into this year) can also be sent on their way.


The last thing that needs to be done is finding homes inside your home for all the new items you have obtained during the holidays. This could mean hanging your cookware on the wall or putting your children’s stuffed animals in a hammock above the foot of their bed. Congratulations! Your home should now be organized for a new year.



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