Thrifty Father’s Day Ideas

Posted on June 12th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Father’s Day is Sunday! Are you ready? I am NOT! Honestly I’ve been so busy I haven’t even thought about it. Please don’t tell my husband 😉 Since I am a Thrifty Diva I am always looking for frugal ideas for gifts. Here’s some ideas that I am trying to decide from.

1. Power tools. This is a great time to buy them because stores generally have them on sale. My husband always wants tools. Knowing they go on sale this time of year is a good reason to say no the rest of the time :).

2. Hand prints painted on a plate. I LOVE this idea and I think this is what we are doing. It’s so cheap too! You can get super cheap glass plates from the dollar store. Then buy some non-toxic acrylic paints. Get your little ones hands all painted up and press them against the plate. Let them dry really well especially is the plate is glossy. Wash little hands immediately!

3. Cook his favorite meal. If my husband could ask for one thing, it would be the meal that I refuse to make all the time. You are probably going to be cooking anyway right? Why not just make his favorite meal. It may be the only thing you need to do. 🙂

4. Lots o’ sweets. Are you seeing a trend here? My husband would be totally happy with a bunch of food and man he has a sweet tooth. Spend the day baking and make him a treat tin with his favorites. In my husband’s tin would be my special chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats, molasses cookies and peppernuts.

5. Do the “man chores” for a week. This may sound bad, but we have chores we call the man chores. They include taking out the trash and yard work. My husband would LOVE a week off. I could do it for a week huh?

What are your frugal Father’s Day ideas?

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