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Posted on October 14th, 2011 by Coupon Cathy

Kroger is announcing changes to its coupon policy. Chalk this one up to extreme “extreme couponers.” Here’s the new policy:

You cannot use more than five manufacturers’ coupons on five of the same item. And, you can only use two internet coupons on the same item in one day. Manufacturers’ coupons are still doubled (up to 50 cents) as has been their policy. However, that does not apply to free or Kroger store coupons.

Apparently, one of the problems is that people will print internet coupons and then, because of the limit on printing, print many more on a copy machine. If you are wondering about the legality of this, it is illegal (NOT at legal and punishable as fraud). So, the policy change for Kroger includes not allowing coupons that are blurry or won’t scan.

Although I wish the limit on internet coupons weren’t so low, I think that this is fairly reasonable. Kroger says they have based this change on research that shows that most people are not using more than what this policy allows. They are attempting to target those who abuse the system. Some call them “extreme couponers;” others call them hoarders. Whatever the case, they have now influenced the policy for the rest of us. Thanks TLC!

I don’t do a lot of shopping at Kroger, primarily because my local grocery store is closer and generally has more of what our family needs. That said, it is nevertheless disappointing to see stores being forced to make policies like this now that couponing has become somewhat of a trend. I expect more stores to follow Kroger’s lead.

What do you think about Kroger’s new policy? Is it reasonable? Do you know of other stores which have changed their policy because of those who abuse the system?

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