Hot Halloween Deals

Posted on October 9th, 2014 by Coupon Cathy



Halloween is just three weeks away. I can hardly believe it…maybe that’s because it’s still in the 90s around here. If you’re an early bird looking for costumes and candy, check out a few hot deals below. Some of these are online deals and others are in store deals, but they are all great deals! Enjoy!

Head over to Buy Costumes for these deals:

Skull Witch Shreddy Child Costume (reg $39.99) $4.99
Free shipping with $75 purchase or with ShopRunner free trial
Final Price: as low as $4.99

DC Comics Batman Dog Costume (reg $24.99) $9.97
Free shipping with $75 purchase or with ShopRunner free trial
Final Price: as low as $9.97

Black Cat Embroidered Plush Treat Pail (reg $15.99) $9.99
Free shipping with $75 purchase or with ShopRunner free trial
Final Price: as low as $9.99

Amazon has a few great deals right now also. Get 72 Halloween bouncing balls for only $14.95. That’s only $0.21 a piece. Right now, a 48-pack of Halloween magic springs is marked down to $11.95, down from $27.95. You can also grab a bag of 144 Halloween friendship bracelets for only $7.95. That’s just $0.06 each. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime or a $35 qualifying purchase.

6 Dozen (72) Bright Halloween Bouncing Balls 1″ (reg $29.95) $14.95
Free shipping with Amazon Prime or a $35 purchase
Final Price: $14.95

4 Dozen (48) Mini Halloween Magic Springs (reg $27.95) $11.95
Free shipping with Amazon Prime or a $35 purchase
Final Price: $11.95

12 Dozen (144) Halloween Friendship Rope Bracelets (reg $29.95) $7.95
Free shipping with Amazon Prime or a $35 purchase
Final Price: $7.95

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Day-After Halloween Clearance Fun

Posted on November 1st, 2013 by Discount Debbie


Shopping on the day after a holiday has become one of my favorite pastimes. Why? Usually everything is discounted by 50%. There are usually things that are still good, despite the holiday themed color or decor. And, it’s a great way to get prepared for next year.

Candy. Halloween is a little different for us because, although I’m tempted to get out and buy a bag of M&Ms, we try to keep candy out of the house. And, since the kids are used to not having it around, it’s not difficult. BUT, if that’s not the case for you (and it didn’t use to be the case for me), this is a day to stock up on some candy.

Costumes. Costumes can be so pricey. Sometimes even making costumes doesn’t really save you much money (depending on what costume you are making). So, if you can guesstimate your child’s size and select a more classic costume (like a princess or superhero, etc), then you can save some serious money on next year’s costumes. That’s not to mention not having to worry about costumes on October 29 next year! 😉

Decorations. Decorations will be discounted today. This is a good time to assess what decorations you need or want to replace for next year. As with the costumes, it will save you money and the headache of trying to figure it out next October.

Other Halloween-Related Items. Halloween decorated muffin cups and party favors will also be on clearance. This is my favorite. Around our house we go from muffin to cookie phases in terms of what we like to have around as a snack. We are in a muffin phase. That means when I can get muffin cups/liners on sale, I get ’em! No one around here will care of the muffin liners are decorated with pumpkins!

What’s your favorite day-after-Halloween clearance item?

Quick, Easy and Thrifty DIY Boys Halloween Costume

Posted on October 24th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We are one week away from Halloween. Do you have costumes for your children? Will you run out to Target and pick something up this weekend (like so many others will…and like I was very tempted to!) or will do try to take a more thrifty route and make a costume?

Well, I had decided that I was going to make a costume for my son this year (my daughter already has a lovely princess dress that Grandma sent her just for fun a little while ago). Last year, I went to the local thrift store and bought him a cowboy hat for a dollar, wrapped a blue scarf around his neck, put him in some jeans, boots and a flannel shirt and called him a cowboy! It would have been perfect if that little almost-2-year-old would have just kept that hat on his head! 😉

This year, I wanted to keep the cost low again but now he is almost 3 and likes to pretend and has certain characters he likes. So, I wanted to put together something that he would like to wear (and keep on). Because he likes to pretend to be a superhero, I thought I would sew a cape and either iron on or sew on the first letter of his name. Then, I would put him in some solid color pj's or some other same color shirt and pants with a bright ribbon or belt and call it a day. If I'd had a little more time, I would have gone that route. But, like you, I have many more things going on around here besides Halloween! So, I saw an idea online that I loved and went with it.

I went to our local Goodwill store and bought him a superman t-shirt for $1.99.

I also picked up a white button down shirt (I could only find short sleeve, but that'll still work) and a pair of slacks, both of which he will be able to wear on Sundays for church after all this. Each of those items also cost $1.99.

I will part his dark hair with some coconut oil (which we use around here for just about everything). I would put some glasses on him. But, I KNOW he will take them off because that is just what he does when I put any glasses on him. So, Clark Kent will go without glasses on Halloween this year.

I would have displayed the outfit on him for you to see his cuteness, oh I mean, the cute costume…but, it is cold and flu season and the little guy is just not himself today.

If you want to throw together a quick, thrifty costume and need some ideas, I found a bunch of other cute ones (for boys and girls) over here.

What costumes have you made to save money on Halloween?

Saving Money During Halloween

Posted on October 11th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Summer is over and now Halloween will be here in just a couple of weeks. I can’t believe it!

Halloween is one of those holidays that can EASILY cost you a lot. Have you seen the price tags of costumes lately? They are crazy expensive! I am shocked. Candy easily goes up in price because a Halloween wrapper replaces the normal one. And don’t get me started on cheaply made plastic decorations.

Halloween can be expensive, but it can also be cheap!

Here are some ways to save on Halloween.

1. Stay away from Halloween stores. Where we live these stores go up in old warehouses or other abandoned buildings. This is probably the place that makes the most sense for you to go to, but this is the most expensive, I assure you. All of the costumes are the most expensive as well as their decorations. However, they get cheaper as you get closer to Halloween. Last year, I needed a last minute thing for my son’s costume so I was able to go in like minutes before they were closing for Halloween night and got the item for 75% off. They were almost sold out of everything, but I got my item cheap. Just stay away from there in the beginning and for your major products.

2. Buy bulk candy or use coupons. Buying bulk is a great way to save money on candy. Costco and Sams has huge bags of it and it’s pretty reasonable. There are also tons of options to use coupons for candy. Just keep checking your Sunday paper coupon inserts. Also, it’s better for you to hand out candy than to allow people to grab it from a bowl on your porch. Kids will dump the whole bowl in there if you aren’t around.

3. Get your costumes at TJ Maxx, Marshals and Ross. This was something I discovered last year. These places have CHEAP costumes and they are great! They have a great variety and a ton of sizes.

4. Buy your costume used. Most costumes are worn once so buying used is a very good idea. Second hand stores generally bring out costumes this time of year. One of our local kids second hand stores would have tons of brand new ones for 1/4th of what they cost in the store.

5. Shop after Halloween. This is the golden rule for holiday shopping. Everything goes on clearance the next day at all stores. Other than candy, you can save everything else for next year. Those decorations that were priced way above what they are worth are finally priced correctly, so buy it up! Yes, you have to wait a year, but you’ll have it for next year at a fraction of the cost that most are paying for it.

How are you saving for Halloween?

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