Dedicating A Day To The Kitchen Craft

Posted on May 6th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


We all want home cooked meals and homemade bread. We just may not be able to fit it into our daily schedule. We may, however, be able to fit it into a weekly schedule by dedicating a whole day all to the kitchen craft.

Get a System Going

Baking can either cost money in ingredients that you never get around to using or save money because you have a set time and way to get your baking done. Consider how much bread you will need. If you need more than the one or two loafs that are produced by the recipe you can double the recipe. This can help you make four loaves worth of bread rather than the two set forth by your recipe. Providing you have enough bread pans (or muffin pans if your family prefers a hand held form of carbs) and a big enough oven you can make double the bread in the same amount of time. This reduces the chances of needing to run out and buy store bread in the middle of the week.

Set a Schedule

A bread baking day does not have to be all about baking. Often the time it takes to make bread or cook a crock pot soup is waiting. We wait for the slow cooker to cook the food. We wait for the bread to rise and cook. We wait until our food is cool enough to store or eat. During a baking day use a schedule and set a timer. After that go about other household activities. While it is best to stay home with cooking projects turned on, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be your laundry day.


A cooking day or baking day isn’t just about preparing wholesome breads and frozen soups to feed you family for a week. It is also about treating your family. The smells bring good memories down the line. The tastier baked goods can also be used to buy your children’s help in the kitchen. For┬áthe cookies you can have the help sweep the floor. Doing the dishes for you constitutes baking a pie. Making baked goodies only a baking day treat will both get you assistance and bring a positive reaction to your family when your kitchen dwelling day rolls around.

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