How to Save Money During The College Years

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College is expensive. There is no way around that fact. You start paying for your education in high school. Paying for practice tests, then SAT’s and ACT’s. College admission applications cost money. Once you’re accepted it’s time to start paying for college classes, housing, a food plan, transportation, and more.

If you did not get a full scholarship, keep reading. If you did get a full scholarship, I suggest you still keep reading. Save every penny now. It’s so much easier to start your career debt-free. And yes, it can be done!

There are a lot of tips to save money. I have added a few of my TOP tips below.

Buy, rent, or borrow used textbooks. Did you know you can now RENT textbooks? I love this idea. Also, ask friends and family if you can buy or borrow their used textbooks. This goes for study guides too. We are buying used study books for the A.P. Exam this year (high school).

Open a savings account that earns interest.

Consider becoming a resident advisor to save on housing (or get it free!)

Limit eating out at restaurants. 

Make your own coffee. This can save you hundreds.

Skip cable and other non-necessary items.

Try to avoid loans

COUPON! use coupons as much as possible for food, health and beauty, and more.

GO TO CLASS! You paid for it, so get what you paid for!

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Paying Off Student Loans

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If you’re like hundreds of thousands of Americans, you’re struggling with school debt. We struggle with it. Seems weird to pay for something you aren’t in right now and for us it’s been a while since we graduated. Nonetheless, until we pay off the loans, we’ll have to pay them. However, we’ve been incorporating some techniques to pay it off more quickly.

1. Don’t defer you payments. It’s not hard to put your student loans off. Remember that you’ll eventually have to pay for them. Start now if you financially can. Deferment programs are there for a reason, but if you have the money, start paying it off.

2. Make a plan. Figure out how much you owe, how long you want to pay for it and divide that by months. Make those payments like you would a house or a car.

3. Set up automatic payments. This way  you won’t get any late fees and you won’t miss any payments. I LOVE this option. I never have to worry about it and it’s always on time.

4. Don’t extend your payment schedule. It may seem appealing to extend your loan to 20 years instead of say 10, but you’ll end up paying for much more interest, plus you’ll be in debt longer.

5. Make large chunk payments. Wondering what to do with your tax refund or maybe some inheritance? Think about putting it toward your loans and getting out of debt!

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