4 Ways To Use Chips

Posted on May 12th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


They could be salt and vinegar chips. It could be those yummy tortilla chips. Chips seem to be a household favorite. Sometimes, however we end up with half eaten bags of stale chips. When you’re looking to save money a good way to is to use the things around you in another way. This is even true of our beloved chips.

Cover A Caserole

Broken up potato chips are a great way top top a casserole. They spread well, have a little crunch and come with their own seasoning. Using different flavors (such as sour cream and onion or BBQ) is a great way to make the same potato casserole recipe taste different if it’s a main meal for your family.

A Main Ingredient

Tortilla chips can be used to make nachos or as a layer in a taco salad. You can nacho cheese flavored for some extra kick of spice. They also work well with a homemade bean and cheese dip. Add salsa and you have a great, healthy snack.

Duck Food

In our home bread seldom goes stale. The same can’t be said of chips. It seams we always have a cup worth of chips that have been deemed inedible lurking at the bottom of the bag. So instead of feeding the ducks bread, we feed them our stale broken up chips. The ducks don’t seem to mind one little bit.


If you like to make your meat with a breaded covering, potato chips are a good covering to use. They have spices and flavoring; they crumble easily. All you need to do is brush your pork chops or chicken legs with a little oil and put them in a bag with the crumbled chips. Then shake the bag until your meat is fully covered; and bake or fry your finished product at your discretion.





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