Saving on a Child's Birthday Party

Posted on September 17th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I enjoy preparing my little one's birthday parties. It's a way I show him that I love him. I'm sure that is the same for many moms. I can, however, get a little carried away when it come to orchestrating the event. That's why I have started to set limits on myself  when it comes to planning my little guys parties.

 Games Without Props

Forget about pinatas or pin the tail on the donkey. Instead I choose games that require nothing but the child and what will be at the party already. There are games like blind mans bluff or musical chairs. I just make sure that the music is of a more modern variety and prizes for the winners. Have children guess how many pieces of candy are in a jar and let the winner take the jar home.

Make The Cake

Sheet cakes are really sugary and last forever. That's why I like to make my child's cake instead. It can go with the theme or be cupcakes. I prefer making cupcakes for birthday parties because it limits the amount of sugar my child and his friends take in. When I don't do cupcakes I use a bunt shaped cake instead. This still limits the amount of cake at the party (there is a hole in the middle) but can be disguised with the way the cake  is decorated. Plus I don't have sugary leftovers for the next week.

Pick  a Theme

There are a vast amount of cute birthday decorating ideas on the internet,in books and in magazines. That is why I like to use a theme at my little ones party. It keeps me from over shopping to make his special day even more special. Themes can range from dinosaurs to a favorite movie. If your family has a pool or trampoline you could base the party around those activities.

Set Time Limits

Setting a time limit on the party helps me know how much time I need to fill and how many activities I need. I factor in that the kids will want to socialize a bit, the cake event and present opening. Throw in a few games and I know how long the party should be. It's usually two and a half to three hours.

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