What’s a Catalina?

Posted on October 17th, 2011 by Coupon Cathy

We are still answering questions on how to start couponing. One we hear a lot is, “what’s a catalina?”

No it’s not just an island off the coast of Los Angelas or a salad dressing. It’s a way for you to get instant savings at various stores. Every store calls them something different, but most all of them print after you’ve made a purchase there at the register.

Walgreens calls them Register Rewards or RR on some couponing websites.
CVS calls them Extra Care Bucks or ECB.
Rite Aid calls them +Up Rewards.

Then you have Kroger, Albertsons, Target and even Wal-Mart that will print these little jewels along with most local grocery stores.

Catalinas work several different ways. The most common is a coupon for money off a specific purchase or even cash off your entire next order. These are really great if you have multiple transactions and can use those catalinas to save even more.

For example, if you go and buy a package of toilet paper and you may $2.99 after coupons, but then you get a $2 Register Reward from Walgreens. On your next transaction for that same toilet paper, use your catalina and your next purchase of toilet paper is only $.99 and then you get another catalina. These things can get you some major savings.

Like I said, most stores have these, but you can only use them at that particular store. Plus, every catalina has it’s own rules so make sure you read the fine print before checking out with them.

Do you have questions we can answer about getting started as a Thrifty Diva, let us know!

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