Thrifty Carpet Cleaning

Posted on January 28th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I have to admit that my husband figured this one out and he’s totally NOT a domestic individual. I was shocked and impressed with what he figured out. Of course, he found it on Google, but he wasn’t readily admitting it so I’ll let him think he came up with it. It really is genius though.

We have two kids under 4 so our poor cream colored carpets get pretty dirty. And honestly it doesn’t matter how clean my house is, if the carpets are dirty, it’s just gross. So when my husband found this trick out and it worked, I was ecstatic! And you only need 2 ingredients and 2 rags and an iron.

The only thing that I am certain you should do is test this in an inconspicuous area to make sure your carpet doesn’t lose color. This may not work on more colorful carpets, so check first before you ruin your floor.

Check out my before and after! Now that it’s dry, you can’t see a thing!

What You Need
Hydrogen Peroxide
2 Cleaning Rags

What To Do 
1. Put hydrogen peroxide on your spot. Let it sit for a couple of minutes.
2. Pour water liberally on the same spot.
3. Place one rag over spot and space hot iron on it until it steams.
4. With other rag, rub briskly and dry spot.
5. Repeat on all spots.

Seriously this works! And way better than any cleaner I’ve EVR bought!  


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