Clean Your Microwave in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Posted on April 9th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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I’d like to think most people are like me and never clean their microwave. It’s one of those chores that gets pushed to the bottom of the cleaning list every day because, you know, who sticks cleaning a microwave on their priority list? But every time I visit someone’s house, their microwave is sparkling clean. Maybe I’m just the messy one with a bunch of neat freak friends. But anyway, after learning this super cheap and easy way to clean a microwave, I don’t have any more excuses! Well, other than being lazy, but that’s my excuse for everything. 😉

Step One


Actually, this isn’t too bad compared to how it’s looked in the past. Still nasty though.

Actually I guess Step Zero would be “Have a dirty microwave,” but that’s kind of a given for this. Anyway. Vinegar has long been known as a natural cleaner—its acidity helps eat away at grime without (usually) hurting the surface you’re cleaning.  Mix up a solution of half white vinegar and half water in a microwave safe bowl (note that your vinegar does not, in fact, need to come from a giant Costco-sized jug as mine does). Pop the bowl in the microwave for about two minutes on high.

Step Two

Be careful! The water is hot, something that should be obvious but becomes REALLY obvious if you accidentally splash some on your pants (guess how I know this). Remove the bowl from the microwave and dip a sponge into the water. You can either wait for the sponge to cool down a little or wear gloves to keep from burning your hands.

Step Three


Squeaky clean. Now I can have people over and brag about my clean microwave.

Wipe down your microwave. I was surprised at how easily the grime came right off, even the stuff that was really stuck! Microwaving the vinegar and water solution caused it to steam in the microwave, loosening all that grime in every little corner without you having to get in there at weird angles with an old toothbrush. And there you go—you’ve cleaned your microwave in about 5 minutes without having to go buy some super expensive microwave cleaner. Hooray!

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