When Frugal Isn’t Frugal

Posted on February 11th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


We all want to save money, but sometimes our desire to save overcomes our common sense. We end up spending a boat load of money on ideas that don’t work for us or fixing items that would be better off if they were just replaced.

The Brown Thumb

There are some very stubborn divas out there that buy fertilizer, pots, seeds, and the best planting tips they can find every year in the hopes that this year the plants will grow. They have tried everything from using miniature green houses to building a little hydroponics system. Yet every year the plants seem to wither and die under their tender care.

The cost of the garden compounded by a lack of harvest means the idea needs to be shelved for a while. At the very least it needs to be downsized to only a plant or two until they get a better grasp on gardening.

Automobile Zombie

This is the car that should be dead. It should be respectfully disposed of at the nearest junk yard. Yet, through the voodoo of the mechanic witch doctors, this poor car keeps being brought back to life. While it is good to keep a car maintained and fix it up rather than get rid of it, there are times when it costs more to fix the car than buy a better vehicle. See if you can trade it it or find an inexpensive used car before this one dies (again) on some lonely road.

Cloth Diapers

They are good for the environment. They are all natural and made from bamboo fiber. The problem is they aren’t saving you money. You have bought the diapers and the inserts. You have prepared┬áspecial laundry service for them. You have bought all the diaper bag extras (like a wet bag) for them. When all is said and done you could have diapered your little one in disposable diapers for less. If you feel they have improved your little one’s quality of life more power to you. On the other hand, if you just don’t know what the benefit is anymore perhaps it’s time to switch to disposable diapers or potty train.


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