Hulu vs. Amazon vs. Netflix

Posted on July 9th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

These three companies have revolutionized the way we watch tv and movies. They are a great alternative to cable if you want to save on that bill.  A lot of people are ditching their cable and satellite for these great alternatives. You don’t have to miss any of your favorite shows and even news is being streamed live from their websites.

However more and more of these types of entertainment websites are popping up and that may have your head spinning. What’s the difference? Which should you choose? Here is our breakdown of the different companies and what they offer.

The streaming option is the cheapest at $8 a month. With this option you can watch anything in their instant library. This option isn’t really great for new shows, but it’s awesome for older ones.

Hulu and Hulu Plus
Hulu is free and plus is $8 a month. Free is very limited with fewer episodes of shows, but plus is awesome for all the new shows. You can usually watch TV shows the day after they air, so no wait time. Hulu is terrible for movies though.

Amazon and Amazon Prime
Amazon is my favorite because this is where we rent all of our movies. Redbox is definitely cheaper by $2-$3, but if you are a perpetual late returner, this option is better. Plus there is no monthly cost. Amazon prime is $79 a year which is around $7 a month. With prime you are able to watch instant movies, although their library isn’t very large. You can still watch shows on both, but with regular Amazon you’ll have to pay for the shows.

All of these companies have their pros and cons. But even if you got all three, they would beat a lot of cable and satellite services. It’s definitely worth looking into if you want to save money off your entertainment bill.

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