Watch for FREE Online “The Mistle-Tones” Starring Tia Mowry & Tori Spelling

Posted on December 14th, 2012 by Freebie Felicia

You can watch the brand new ABC Family Original Holiday Movie “The Mistle-Tones” for FREE online at

I love Christmas movies! I can’t get enough of them. I know… most of them are rather cheesy, but this is the time of year where warm fuzzies are all that matter.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by “The Mistle-Tones.” It’s fun and filled with holiday cheer, though I’ll admit the ending was a bit different than I expected (which I appreciate, it gets boring when you can totally predict every movie). Yes, there are those heart warming moments in this one too, so get ready for that warm, fuzzy feeling! Best of all: The Music. This is considered a musical afterall.

I almost got to speak with Tia Mowry about her role in the movie, but her production schedule didn’t work out with the interview date. However, she did take the time to answer a few questions via e-mail!

The clothes in this movie are fabulous. Did you have any say on your character’s wardrobe?

I did! It’s nice to be able to say if you like something or not because for me, it’s all about comfort!

In your opinion, how are you and your character Holly similar?

We’re very much alike in the sense that we love Christmas and everything about it! She also has such a genuine warmth to her, which I think is similar as well.

What is your favorite Christmas family tradition?

We love decorating the Christmas tree together. It’s my favorite tradition every year!

1st Season Free to Watch on ~ “Switched at Birth” Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc Interview

Posted on October 22nd, 2012 by Freebie Felicia

The season finale of Switched at Birth airs Monday October 22nd on ABC Family, but if you miss it don’t worry, you can catch it online for free at!

Though good news, Switched at Birth will be back for its new season on January 7, 2013.

And more good news, currently you can watch the entire first season of Switched at Birth for FREE on!

We got to chat with the stars of the show, Vanessa Marano (Bay Kennish) and Katie Leclerc (Daphne Vasquez)!

Switched at Birth has so many fans. What has been your favorite experience or reaction from one of the fans?

Vanessa Marano: Katie, you want to take that?

Katie Leclerc: Sure, yes. I have to tell you, I Tweet and I love Twitter. It’s just the immediate response that is so readily accessible. I love going on and we’ll get comments from fans that are small mementos like, ‘I learned how to be patient with my deaf cousin because of Switched at Birth’, or big mementos like, ‘I understand the importance of and the need for interpreters so I changed my major to ASL because of Switched at Birth’. I mean, it’s a very broad spectrum, but I think the response has just been overwhelmingly positive and I understand why. When we working on it, I think all of us felt like we were doing something that was special and important. Now that those fans have kind of responded similarly, I’m just proud to be a part of it and thankful to have been along for the ride.

Vanessa Marano: Katie and I both did a signing at Planet Hollywood in New York and it was amazing to see the hearing fans and the deaf fans; how many of them there were and to see them together and to see each community that there is not necessarily a divide between, but both joining a program for different reasons and similar reasons. I think that that’s been the most amazing thing is that we have such a colorful group of fans because they’re hearing, they’re deaf, they’re teenage, they’re mothers, they’re male – a lot of them which is surprising. And I think that that’s great.

With such a broad range of fans, what do you think is the connecting thread that this show seems to connect with so many different people?

Vanessa Marano: I think it’s because it’s so relatable. There’s a character for everybody to relate to. You’re a Daphne, you’re a Bay, you’re a Kathryn, you’re a Regina, you’re a John, you’re a Toby, and you’re an Emmett. I think that what really resonates with people is that there are so many story lines and to top it off, you’re learning about culture and community that a lot of people weren’t introduced to beforehand.

ABC Family “Switched at Birth” Interview with Lea Thompson + Watch Free on

Posted on October 15th, 2012 by Freebie Felicia

I’m hooked on the ABC Family show “Switched at Birth.” It’s compelling, dramatic, and interesting not just for teens but for adults too. In fact, for those of us either old enough to be fans of “Back to the Future” (or for the younger crowd that caught it on TBS reruns) the famed Lea Thompson plays Kathryn Kennish, one of the mothers affected by the mistake at the hospital. Yes, she plays the sweet, rich parent, but she’s surprisingly dynamic and as usual for Lea, completely likeable. 🙂

If you haven’t caught onto the Switch at Birth craze, you are in luck! You can watch the entire series, all 29 episodes (as of October 16) for FREE on

Or if you’d like the 5 minute condensed version to catch up on the show, check out Beginner’s Guide Part One and Part Two.

Best of all, we got to chat with Lea Thompson herself!

Watch/Listen here:

Do your daughters watch Switched at Birth? And what do they think of the show?

Lea Thompson: My daughters love ABC Family and they love the show. And they’re always squealing, and it’s really fun, we all get in my bed and watch the show, which is really fun. I love that it’s a show that they like to watch. They’re 17 and 21, and they’re both actresses, and so it’s just great. And they’re fans of all the actors and they geek out, and it’s really, really awesome.

There are so many twists and turns on Switched at Birth, do the writers let you know what’s going on ahead of time, or do you find out these surprises as you get each script?

Lea Thompson: They do not tell us what is going to happen ever. And the only reason that Lizzy Weiss, the creator, doesn’t tell us is because she loves watching us go, Oh, I can’t believe that happened. She really just literally gets some kind of sadistic pleasure out of it, I don’t know, and so it makes for fun. And also always the re-dos, because we always do a re-do, it’s always really fun, sometimes we don’t get the script until right when we’re going to read it through and so we’re right there. What’s nice about it is that we can understand how much fun it is for the fans to discover these things as they happen.

Watch ABC Family “Bunheads” for Free + Kelly Bishop Interview

Posted on August 21st, 2012 by Freebie Felicia

The summer finale of “Bunheads” was last night, but you can watch it for free on or! Plus, currently episodes 1-5 are still available so you if you missed out on this new show this summer, you can catch up on the beginning. Though don’t worry, the series is only 10 episodes in and most likely during hiatus the rest of the episodes will be available online.

More good news, “Bunheads” will return with new episodes on ABC Family this winter! (Which typically means early January. 😉 )

Can’t get enough of Bunheads? Our friend Style Savings Sarah interviewed Kelly Bishop, who plays Fannie the owner of the dance studio and the main character’s new mother-in-law. You’re sure to recognize Kelly from Gilmore Girls (Bunheads was created and is written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, same as Gilmore Girls), though you may not know she also has a long history of dance.


Much like the young characters on Bunheads, you grew up studying dance. What did you like the best about it and what was the hardest part of that lifestyle?

Kelly Bishop: What I liked best about it was simply dancing. I just love to dance and I was actually watching a thing on the New York City Ballet School. When you want to dance, when you need to dance and you love to dance, it’s just a wonderful world. It’s terribly hard. It takes you away from any social life you have at school. I mean, I never went to an after-school dance or a prom or a football game or any of those things, and yet I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. I would rather have been taking another class at the ballet school.

So it’s a completely different world. It’s very focused. You kind of have tunnel vision actually. It’s just a very focused world, because it’s so very, very difficult. Ballet is really a hard discipline and it takes years and years to just properly even do a position or a step. So you get so wrapped up in that.

It’s also very beautiful. It’s exactly like—I don’t know if you know that, but in A Chorus Line, I played a character who sang at the ballet, which was a song that was written from my life story, from my interviews, which was really very flattering to take my words and turn them into the lyrics of a song. It was about how everything is beautiful to ballet. There is a real romance to it. It’s a beautiful form of dance. We all know how pretty ballet dancers are and how beautiful it looks even if we don’t understand it.

The hard part is having to dedicate yourself completely, and the good part is how much fun it is and how romantic it is. It’s just a great world if you love it. It’s true of gymnasts. I’m sure it’s true of athletes. It’s true of anyone who loves a particular thing. You just get lost in it. I wish that everyone could find their dream and follow that road, because it’s really the way to live life. So I’m very, very happy that my life worked out the way it did.
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ABC Family’s “Desperately Seeking Santa” Interview with Laura Vandervoort

Posted on November 27th, 2011 by Freebie Felicia

It’s Christmas movie season! I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for a cute Christmas chick flick. 😉

This one is such a fun twist on a traditional theme with a fresh soundtrack, relatable plot device (hello recession), and of course a heart warming twist that makes it a romantic Christmas movie. ABC Family presents “Desperately Seeking Santa” starring Laura Vandervoort and Nick Zano. The movie premieres Sunday November 27th at 8/7 central on ABC Family. It will be posted online at ABC Family Monday November 28th (so even if you don’t have cable, you can watch it for FREE online instead).

I got a chance to chat with Laura Vandervoort about the movie “Desperately Seeking Santa.” Can I just say she’s adorablely sweet in real life? Don’t fall for her tough character, it truly is an act. 😉

Thrifty Divas – Desperately Seeking Santa is such a fun twist on that money miser Christmas theme. When you first read the script, what did you like about it most?

Laura Vandervoort – Honestly, the fact that she was human was a small portion of the reason I chose to take it because I’d been playing so many out of this world characters, which is a lot of fun to do, but it was nice because I actually felt like I related to Jennifer more than the other characters. She’s a bit of a workaholic like myself and I tend to forgot to have fun sometimes because I am so serious and much like Jennifer. In the film she learns that it’s not all about working hard and being focused. You can actually have fun and relax and I had a chance to do on this film.

It was the first role where I really thoroughly enjoyed the process. We were laughing. We were improvising. We were being silly. The smiles in the film are all real. It was just a great cast and I was finally able to relax. So it’s sort of ironic that what my character went through was sort of what I was going through, which is just learning that it’s not all about work. But, it has been a great year for me and the work has been fantastic and now I’m learning to just really enjoy it.

Thrifty Divas – Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions?

Laura Vandervoort – I do. I’m going home this year. I’m from Canada and I just moved out to L.A. on my own, so I’m looking forward to going home. Every year, both sides of my family—my mom’s side and my dad’s side—we do kind of family reunions and we see the grandparents and all the cousins get together. So that’s nice, but really the tradition I enjoy the most is just having a fire with my parents.

This year, we’re going to our cottage up north and there’s snow and we have deer that come right up to the door, so it’s like a pretty beautiful Christmas. We’re lucky. Much like the movie, as we get older, it’s not about the presents, it’s about the fact that you don’t get to see your family as much as you’d like, especially in this industry. For me, I’m traveling alone a lot of the time, so it’s really special for me now more so than ever to be with my family and also my mom’s broccoli casserole.

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