Stretching Your Food

Posted on May 29th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

I didn’t grow up with the most thrifty parents, but when it came to food, they did not waste. I grew up with tons of fresh vegetables and today’s leftovers always became tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. But my parents weren’t boring about it, they always made something new out of the leftovers. If you do this often with food leftovers, you’ll waste less and save money on your grocery bill. Here are some things my parents did and some things I have done with my leftovers.

1. Mashed Potatoes.

These are so good and perfect for morning. Take a skillet and put some butter down and turn your stove on medium to high. Melt the butter and throw mashed potatoes in there. Let it cook long enough to get a crust and then turn and let the other side get a crust too. This is PERFECT to serve with eggs and toast!

2. Rice.

We always have leftover rice and make fried rice every time. It’s probably an indicator that I should cut down on cooking it, but then I couldn’t make yummy fried rice. I use a rice cooker so it’s nice to only have to get it out once, but still reap the benefits of having two meals worth of rice. The fried rice recipe I use in a Benihana copy cat recipe that I will share tomorrow, so make sure you check it out. It’s utterly the best fried rice EVER.

3. Hamburgers.

This is another dinner we always have leftovers with. If you are in the same boat, just chop the burger back up to look like ground beef and recook it with some taco seasonings and a little water and have tacos! You can also use it to make chili. I love to put it into a crock pot so it gets the meat really tender again.

4. Salad.

We waste so much salad and I hate it! But I hate eating salad two days in a row. I don’t know why, but I do. So now, I have started using it the next day for sandwiches. I love to have fresh lettuce on my sandwiches and now it’s even already cut up and it tastes the same! You can also use it to make a great chicken salad if you happen to have chicken leftover too. Just cut it all up, throw it in and I like to coat it with curry and mayo and throw it on a bun. YUM-MY!

5. Roast.

We made this last night for a big family meal. I can’t believe we had any left, but alas I do. So for lunch we will be having bbq roast sandwiches. Just throw the meat back in the crock pot with some bbq sauce and a little water and let it cook. It will be delicious!

What do you make with your leftovers? Do you turn them into something new?


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