Stove-Top Chocolate Fudge Icing (AKA The Best Thing Ever)

Posted on October 7th, 2016 by Uncategorized

I’m not kidding. When I say that this icing is The Best Thing Ever I am being 100% serious. If I had to choose one thing to live off of for the rest of my life, this may just be it.


Now, before you stop and think “well I’m not an icing person” just go ahead and take a second to hear me out. Read through the rest of my rant about how fantastic this icing is, click on the link to The Pioneer Woman’s website (where you can find the icing recipe along with a sheet cake) to drool over the photos, and then pretty-please try it for yourself. I’m positive that you’ll end up loving it almost as much as I do.

This god-send can be spread over any type of cake (especially the Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever), drizzled over ice cream, or if you’re like me, shamelessly eaten with a spoon.

So go ahead and click on this link right here. It will take you to the most amazing chocolate icing you’ve ever tasted (and a fantastic sheet cake as well, I really shouldn’t leave that out).

By the way, I do realize that I just posted the same link to the same website page 3 different times. So if you don’t want to click on that last one you can honestly choose any other and you’ll be taken to the same place. Please just head over there and check out the deliciousness.


So tell me honestly, did you end up eating most of the icing with a spoon before you even had the chance to spread it onto the cake? It’s okay, no shame.

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