Stocking Up On Baby Stuff

Posted on January 16th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

We don’t wait for the baby to be born. We stock up before then with the essentials that a baby needs. We find it reduces stress, saves time, and on those months our budget is tight, we are happy we stockpiled while we had the money.

For The Backside

We could never have too many diapers, to many wipes, or enough Desitin. The trick to stocking up on diapers is to remember that the baby will grow. Buy two or three sizes to ensure the diapers continue to fit without having a diaper-less scramble. Nothing is as nerve racking than realizing there is only one diaper left.


This item is a must even if I’m breast feeding. I have been in situations where what I was producing was not enough to feed my baby. I didn’t feel guilty. I fed my baby formula and was thankful to have it. Even without these issues it’s good to have formula on hand for babysitters or for cases of emergency. It’s also good to have some water on hand just in case water is lost for a time due to construction or other uncontrolable events.

Things For Mommy

It’s just as important for mom to stock up on the things that she is going to need. This could be nipple cream, different types of bottles, or soothing music. By the ┬átime the baby is born it’s too late. You will either find yourself sending your spouse to the store or crying from exhaustion, or both.

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