Starting a Spooky Halloween Dinner Tradition

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Growing up, Halloween was always so much fun. It was a magical night where we got to dress up as someone fun and ask all of our neighbors for candy! All of that candy would often lead to a sore stomach that night if we hadn’t eaten a good dinner before trick-or-treating, though. So my mom always made sure that we had something healthy and filling. (Filling so that we wouldn’t be hungry enough to eat even more candy than we would already.)

We usually ate sandwiches before heading out; something simple and quick, which worked great! But after chatting with someone a few weeks ago who told me all about how she’s started a Halloween dinner tradition for her kids (complete with decorations and Halloween-themed food) I’ve been thinking about how brilliant that is!

It doesn’t require a whole lot of extra work; simply relocating a few of the decorations you already have to the table and adding a spooky twist on a few of the foods is enough to make the dinner unique and fun! Here are a few tips to making the best Halloween dinner, ever!

  • Turn off the lights and light a few candles. Eating in the flickering candle light is sure to set a spooky mood!
  • Decorate the table. Even if it’s just with a few decorations you already have!┬áPlace a pumpkin or two in between the candles and you’re set! Halloween paper plates can easily fill in for decor, and just changing the table cloth can make a huge difference.
  • Halloween-ify your food! Simply googling or pinteresting (that should be a verb nowadays, don’t you think?) ‘Halloween Food’ will leave you with so many ideas you’ll be tempted to make a whole buffet!

It’s really that simple! Just a little decor to change the atmosphere and some fun food will make your Halloween dinner a tradition that your family will look forward to each and every year!


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