Starting A Low Cost Garden

Posted on November 13th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Gardening is fun but can be very expensive. Here are a few ways to reduce the expense of having a little garden.


If I have a friend that has plants, I can ask for a cutting. Many plants can grow from a on piece cut off from another plant.  I have also found plant cuttings on .

Seed Sharing

Many companies send more seeds in their packets tan I ca use in my garden. Rather than buy all my seeds I get together and trade with friends. It’s a great way to try to plant a flower or fruit I wouldn’t have thought of trying.

Garden Center Bargains

Check grocery stores or garden centers for discount plants. Often they are between five and ten dollars. They may be going out of season or were just not a popular sell. Either way they may be a bargain and the plant I wanted to get.


Having children and cats there are some plants I just don’t bring into my home. They may be too delicate for my household or just poisonous. I just may not have a green enough thumb to keep them alive. Research saves alot of money and grief when it come to plants.

Share Soil

Contrary to popular belief dirt is not cheap. Share a bag with a friend.

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