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Posted on April 23rd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

holiday prep

The holiday season can be a time of stress for many households, rather than a time of joy. It’s not because our minds are in the wrong place. It’s because we have the desire to give more than we actually have. It can be very discouraging to discover that we don’t have the means to give our loved ones what we want to. This is why we need to think about the holidays now instead of November or December.

Plan Ahead

What traditions are the most important to your family? Do you want to have stockings? Is there a pajama tradition for your family? What do you plan to have for a holiday dinner?  Will there be traveling during that time? It’s best to plan for these expenses long before it’s time to pay for them. At least then you know what your financial goal is for the end of the year.

Saving Now

Now that you have a number in mind for the holiday season and it’s time to make a savings plan to achieve your goal. Some people have more difficulty making money during the winter season. If you work as a gardener, pool cleaner, or even a diesel mechanic, you know what I’m talking about. Summer is a time of abundance, but if you don’t save up for the winter you have a few hard months ahead of you. It doesn’t have to be a large amount that is saved every month, just so long as you are saving up.

Buy It Now

Not all items that need to be brought are difficult to get outside the holiday season. Even gifts aren’t time sensitive. It is especially easy to shop for younger children throughout the year. I just use the age appropriate markings on the packaging for how old my children will be during the holiday season and buy these items months earlier than Christmas. Then I store them in a closet and wrap them when December comes around. I don’t have to worry about getting them all at once and making a huge dent in our budget. Best of all, I can snag them on sale or clearance. 🙂


One of the more time consuming money savers during the holidays are crafted gifts. Blankets, toys, and clothing all take time to make. So do scrapbooks and picture albums. The holidays are a busy time, often too busy to start and finish any project. It’s best to start early in the year when there is time to actually produce a quality gift, especially if you’re planning to make several gifts.

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