Spend Less Money on Gas!

Posted on September 16th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

spend less money on gas

Making sure you stay in budget when it comes to your vehicle is important, because when it comes to extra fuel, the cost can add up. Here are a few ways that may help you save on gas.

Check Online

Some cities have installed traffic cameras, and you can view how fast or slow traffic is going at the city’s transportation website. This can save both time and money. It can let you know if your regular route to work is prudent to use any given morning or if you will be stuck in traffic. It also can show alternate routes to your destination and how long it will take to get there so you won’t be late for work. I recommend checking an hour and a half before work and every half hour after, because traffic can change fast. If you need to leave early, you’ll know well in advance. If you have a smartphone or access to a computer at work (or someone at home that can check for you before you leave work), this works when you’re on your way home as well.

Explore Alternate Routes

When you have time check out Google Maps to see if there are other ways to get where you go everyday. Are they shorter? Do they avoid traffic lights? Do they save gas and money? You may find a route that helps you save more money than your normal route and keep those road rage feelings at bay.

Keep Your Car in Good Repair

Change your oil regularly. Check your tire pressure. Make sure you have the proper amount of fluids in your car (such as coolant, anti freeze, wiper fluid, etc.) Also make sure that you use the right types of fluids for your car. There are different types of oils for cars sold and what you are using now may not be the best option for your car. Acquire a manual for your car (if you don’t have the original) to find out what the best fluid options are for your vehicle. All these things can affect gas mileage and when kept up can save you money in fuel.

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