Snow Day: Offsetting Your Snow Days Financially

Posted on February 18th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


Snow days are great, except when they stick around longer than one day. Missing a day of work is fun. Missing more than one day of work can put a strain on some family’s financial assets. Adding to that everyone is at home using more resources. There has to be a way to off set some of the money we lose stuck at home and away from our hourly wage.

Bill Reduction

The first thing that we are going to want to do is reduce the cost of our snow day. Keep the indoor temperature at about sixty eight degrees. Turn the lights off, and possibly let some sunlight in. If sunlight really isn’t an option (either it’s overcast or windows need to remain covered for insulation purposes) try lighting a few jar candles. They will generate both light and heat. This works particularly well for homes without a fireplace. If you live in a home with a fireplace take this opportunity to use it.  Try to also stay inside. On day one it’s fun to go outside. By day two it’s out of our systems and we don’t want to loose heating money to an open door, even if it is for just a minute.

Snow Prep

On day one we made sure that water was dripping to keep our pipes from bursting. We salted the steps and set our wind shield wipers up to keep them from freezing to the windshield. With the exceptions of the wipers (assuming we haven’t gone anywhere) we need to check on or do these things again.

Best Use Of Time

Now is the time to work on cleaning projects in our homes. Need to do four loads of laundry? Need to clean out the fridge or microwave? Need to organize some closets? We aren’t going to get a better time than this. The movement will keep us warm and we will be taking care of a chore we won’t have to worry about at a later time. Remember to make the kids help if they are suffering from boredom. 😉

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