Smell Like a Pretty Pumpkin With This Easy DIY Soap!

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pumpkins on a wooden table with kitchen accessories. studio shot


Soaps are my favorite! There is just something super luxurious about a fun-scented soap. Especially if it is homemade! Of course a bar of white soap you pick up in Walmart does the job, but wouldn’t you rather have something that cleans, moisturizes and makes you smell pretty?

Now, heading out to buy a block handmade soap can end up running you more that you’d probably like, which is why I found an easy DIY version to save you money and still have you smelling beautiful!

Since it is Fall and I am obsessed with all things seasonal I decided that a pumpkin spice scent was not only a good idea but the absolute best idea. Of course, if you’re not feeling the pumpkin scent (how dare you!) you can replace the spices with some essential oils. Lavender is my favorite oil to add to soaps, but there are so many great options!

Alrighty, now that I’ve chatted for a while, lets get to the soap concocting! I got this recipe from Happiness is Homemade, so head on over there with this link!

I promise you’re going to love how soft your skin feels, and the sweet pumpkin scent. Have I mentioned that this is a fantastic gift idea as well? Make a couple of these bars and give one to your mom, your niece, your neighbor! Inexpensive and easy!


Tell me in the comments if you ended up making this, and how you liked it! Did you use the pumpkin scent, or did you try something else?


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