Skip the Candy! Hand out These Items This Halloween Instead

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Boy in skeleton costume holding bowl full of candies

Halloween candy and treats are delicious. I’m not going to lie and tell you that I don’t look forward to a good handful of candy corn (yeah, I’m one of the few that actually likes candy corn…). But I am not a huge fan of giving processed sugary foods to the kids. Halloween is one of those days that kids can get overloaded with junk. Plus, there are so many kiddos with allergies that would love to feel included when trick-or-treating! So here are a few suggestions for things you can hand out instead of (or in conjunction with) candy…

Packaged Healthy Treats

If you’re handing out Halloween goodies at your door, and want to steer clear of the heavy sugar candies, stop by big box stores for prepackaged healthier foods. Head to the aisle that you buy lunch box snacks. Options are endless. individual bags of popcorn, pretzels, goldfish, raisins, and more. You may want to steer clear of nuts if you’re handing out to other children.

Glow Sticks

You can get packages that include lots of glow sticks for cheap, and this idea helps kids to stay visible and safe while trick-or-treating!


I have found great deals on Halloween and fall themed pencils at our local drugstores. And pencils encourage writing, which is important for kids!


Another great inexpensive and educational item to hand out to kids on Halloween.


Most kids, even as young as toddlers, enjoy stickers. Have fun with them by choosing Halloween themed stickers that the kids will love.


Growing up, we had neighbors that would hand out quarters! It doesn’t have to be quarters, consider dimes or nickels too!

Small toys

Many party stores offer toys for as little as 10ยข each if you buy a large lot. This is a great alternative to candy. And, they can keep it much longer as well!


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