Simple Ways to Save Money Around the House

Posted on March 13th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Maintaining a home isn’t cheap. In fact it’s probably takes the biggest bite out of your paycheck. Between the utilities and mortgage/rent and food and toiletries, there is a lot that goes into having a home. I look for every possible way to be Thrifty in my home. Here are some ways I save money.

1. Turn down your water heater. Did you know turning your water heater down just a little bit can save you quite a bit of money? It’s true! It doesn’t have to be much to make a difference. According to some experts, “Lowering the temperature from 140 to 120 would reduce your water heating costs by 6 to 10%.”

2. Line dry your clothes. This is a practice forgotten by too many people. Spring is just around the corner and so are those temperatures that make line drying possible. If you’ve never done it, try it. Not only does it leave your cloths smelling wonderful, it cuts down your electricity bill.

3. Re-purpose old towels. Towels can last a really long time, but they do wear out. Don’t throw them away though, turn them into cleaning rags. Simply cut them down to size and reuse them.

4. Stop buying expensive cleaners! You really don’t need them. There are tons of recipes for do-it-yourself cleaners that will save you quite a bit. Keep checking with Thrifty Divas because we’ll be posting some recipes for spring cleaning soon!

5. Change your air filters. This is a seriously cheap fix, but will save you a lot of money. The dirtier your filter is, the more your heater or air conditioner has to work. Help the air flow by keeping them clean.

What are some ways you save money around your house?

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