Simple Ways to Cut Monthly Spending

Posted on July 24th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Our monthly housing expensive is about to go up by a lot. It was a decision we didn’t enter into lightly and it’s necessary, however I still don’t like it. I don’t like spending money that I don’t have to. So I am doing something about it and unfortunately it’s not increasing our income. Instead I am going to reduce our monthly bills so the hit won’t be as much. Here are a few things I am doing.

1. Getting rid of my gym membership. First of all, I never went. I know that’s bad, but I have no time. I will be honest about it. If you are in the same boat, don’t make empty promises about going, just cancel it. Instead buy yourself a workout video and try it at home. If you can keep up with that for a year, try going back to your gym. For us, we free up about $75 of monthly obligations.

2. Bye bye cable! I don’t even know why we haven’t gotten rid of it yet. Oh wait, yes I do. Three simple words NFL Sunday Ticket! Well the man of the house has finally decided he can live without it so we will live off of Netflix and Hulu. Getting rid of cable saves us $65 a month.

3. Less eating out. Our monthly food bill could easily be cut in half if we would just eat out less. I am definitely up for the challenge! Eating at home is so much better!

4. Call everyone you pay monthly. Anything you are making monthly payments too, like a credit card, car payments, house payment, etc, call them and ask for a lower interest rate or payment. If you have a good record of paying on time, people will try and help you. Calling everyone for a monthly payment reduction could easily save you a couple hundred dollars a month.

5. Pay off debt. This is easy if you have the funds to do it. If you can pay off a couple of bills that will¬†eliminate¬†a monthly bill, you’ll be done paying it. You’ll even save more in the long run with no more interest!

Are you doing anything to have less monthly expenses?

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  1. retta August 7, 2012

    a good way to save is to separate wants from needs,think about it and save is it a want or a need,use coupons when you can,become a label reader,compare prices,just because its name brand dont mean its the best,if it has the same ingredients buy the cheaper brand some times you will find that the same company makes both(lol),if you can and its a saveings buy local,check weekly ads,even drug stores,it take time and work but its worth it.

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