Simple Inexpensive Prenatal Care

Posted on May 2nd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Simple and Inexpensive Prenatal Care

Pregnancy, childbirth, and becoming a new parent can become quite expensive. Prenatal care doesn’t always have to be. This is especially true when we do the little things that help daily.

Take Your Vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamins is a great yet inexpensive way to improve both you and your baby’s health. Make sure that you take the right dosage. If you find that the vitamin brand you are taking makes you nauseous or you feel you aren’t getting the nutrients you need, ask you doctor to recommend a different vitamin. Many over the counter vitamins are fine, but for the more sensitive of us, a prescription vitamin may be in order.

Drink Water

Remember that you aren’t just hydrating yourself when you drink water. You are also cleaning out your body systems. This includes the fluid sac that yoru little one is currently growing in. Try to drink at least eight to ten cups of water per day. I have found that water reduces cravings and keep me from drinking more sugary substances.

Get Sleep

When you are pregnant you need rest. Many people think that they can get through a pregnancy with six hours of sleep a night. Normally this isn’t true. Pumping your body with caffeine and energy drinks during this time is a bad idea. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night and if possible, add a nap here or there. Your body is working overtime to build another human being. Give it the rest it needs.

Eat Right

Cut down on both sugar and salt if you can. A few of the health problems we can experience during pregnancy are caused by the things we eat. For example it’s wise to cut down on salt if you have the risk of preclampsia so that you won’t retain as much water. Too much sugar in a diet can increase your chance of gestational diabetes. This includes too much lactose or fructose (milk and fruit sugars). ┬áCheck with your doctor to see what they recommend.


Of course ask a doctor about how much exercise is right for you. Exercise can increase blood flow for both you and your baby. This means that both of you are getting more oxygen. This also means that you have a better chance of maintaining a healthy weight through your pregnancy.

What are the affordable and simple prenatal care tips you’d share?

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