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Posted on August 21st, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Yesterday I went shopping for new shoes for my young son and just a few things for me of course. I was quickly reminded there are definitely ways to shop that help you save every penny you can. Here are some things I did yesterday that you may not even think to do.

1. Ask for coupons. We made an unexpected trip to Kohls which happens to be my favorite store and right now they have amazing deals on their summer clothes and even some fall/winter. Since this was unexpected and I was 5 hours away from my coupons, so I decided to ask for some. And you know the saying, ‘ask and ye shall receive’. The lovely store worker brought me a coupon that I could use immediately. I spent $137 on $375 worth of clothes. Plus I got $20 in Kohls cash! How awesome did I do? Don’t be afraid to ask for coupons!

2. Ask to sign up for rewards programs. A lot of places will give you a small discount just for signing up for their reward programs. I got 5% off at Famous Footwear just for signing up for it. It’s not a lot off, but every penny counts to a Thrifty Diva! I wouldn’t have known had I not asked.

3. Shop for next year. Right now there are some crazy awesome sales for summer clothes. Shop now for next year. This is probably the smartest thing you can do at the end of any season. I got some shirts at Old Navy for for under $3!

4. Walk away. If you don’t find what you want at a price point you want, walk away. If you are going to spend any money wether large or small, get what you want. No buyers remorse here today!.

How do you save money when you go shopping?

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