Saying Yes to Help

Posted on August 22nd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

saying yes to help

We all can use a little help sometime in our life. Unfortunately, not many of us accept or ask for that help when we need it, but we should.

Why Saying Yes to Help Saves Money

First of all, help often comes only with the price of asking for it or saying yes to it. Second, it is often given as a service. It may be that someone is willing to watch your children. Another person may be willing to fix your car. These are two very expensive services that another person is willing to do for you that otherwise would have cost you hundreds of dollars. In some cases, it may be that they actually give a gift of currency. This may be a small amount to them, but mean gas in your car or groceries for a week to you.


Some people reading this may be against help because they feel that all things must come with a price, and I am inclined to agree. That doesn’t mean that you can’t set the price or that the price must be monetary. Offer to cook them a meal or buy the parts needed for the car if they will do the labor. Or you can respond in kind. They will watch your children this week if you will watch their children next week. In this way you are both now contributing to each others well being or at the very least sharing in some of the cost. In the long run it may save both of you money.

Official Channels

Perhaps the help you are seeking is not from a person. Instead it is from an organization such as the government or a church. Keep records of the help received. Also keep good records of your financial situation for those giving assistance to review. Always be trying to prepare for a time when you will not have assistance. This will show that you value their effort and that you understand  that you are receiving help, but not entitled to it.

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