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Posted on August 29th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

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I love click sites like or . I like to watch my credits increase. I like saving myself money as I redeem my points for gift cards. I like knowing that I have given my family a little breathing room by participating in these sites. Here are a few ways I use click sites.

Earn Cash

Most points sites have a reward system and many of the rewards are gift cards. This is a great way to save money. You can give a gift card as a gift or you can save it for yourself. You can even get Paypal gift cards with some point sites and use it as a little extra un-budgeted money. By earning these little rewards you can save  yourself a little in your everyday budget or spending.

Earn Points While Shopping

While shopping use a points site to get points or money back for every dollar you spend. Even if you’re only spending ten dollars, it’s worth the effort to get those points or cash back on your purchase. It’s a good way to save money online even when you can’t find a sale, coupon, or discount to make the cost of your purchase lower.


Many sites have coupons that you can clip and print out, but on points for click sites you get points for doing so. That can add more to the amount that you are saving.


Sometimes points sites can be buggy. Other times they are a gateway for spam and advertisements. Be sure to scan your computer for virus, spyware, or malware often if you use these sites. Clear your cookies often. Also be aware that any trial that you sign up for most likely has an ending that you will only be notified of while signing up. Keep track of these to cancel before ending up with a bill.



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