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Posted on August 28th, 2014 by Discount Debbie



Fruit is one of the highest priced items on our grocery list. While fruit in a can is less expensive my little guys prefer fresh fruit. I prefer fresh fruit as well. I don’t have to check to see what liquid it has been packed in. Most of the time it saves me on dishes to serve my child a whole fruit. So there are a few rules we follow when buying fruit.

Buy In Season Often a fruit is less expensive when it is bought in season. It’s even less expensive if it’s something grown in the area which you live in. Stores don’t need to pay to have the fruit in question imported and then pass that price on to you. Nor do you have to pay for the fruit in question being in high demand with a limited supply. It also means that your produce will be very fresh.

Pick Your Own In many areas there are farms that allow people to come and pick their own berries or harvest their trees for a price. It’s usually a much lower price than you would find at a grocery store. The fruit then can be canned, bottled, frozen, juiced, or just eaten raw. In the long run going to pick your own produce can save you money in a variety of ways when you also have the skills to preserve food.

Grow Your Own When you choose to grow your own fruit be sure you choose the right type of fruit. Some plants you can plant, water, and forget until the next day. Others require more time and effort. Some berry bushes won’t even produce fruit unless you have two. Do your research! Still after you have set up a little fruit garden, you can grow a decent amount of fruit and save some money when it comes to your groceries.

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