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Posted on March 12th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

My whole family is going to Disneyland in 31 days, 2 hours, 42 minutes, 8 seconds, 7 seconds, 6, 5, 4…I think you get the point. We are just a little excited around here. And even more excited now that all the details are booked. With the help of AAA we were able to save HUNDREDS of dollars. I am not one for blatantly promoting a particular company, but I was so impressed yesterday with the savings we got that I had to share.

First of all I have been researching for months. I have looked at every avenue for tickets, hotel rooms etc. trying to find the best deals. It hasn’t been very successful until we just happen to see a sign outside of the AAA office advertising Disney vacations. We ended up stopping and I am so glad we did.

Here are some things they were able to get us at a discount.

1. Hotel rooms. Yes, we could just call with our AAA membership and get a discount, but they were able to get us even deeper ones. They were also able to get us into a hotel that we were told was booked, but doing it through AAA opened the rooms up. And of course we got a deep discount.

2. Tickets. We booked the whole package through AAA so we were able to get their prices for tickets.

3. Food discounts. This is our favorite perk. With a special card they give you, we will be able to get discounts at tons of restaurants. Even some kids meals free just by having the card. We estimated this would save us about $400 on meals for the 7 days we will be there.

4. VIP show seats. For free with our package we’ll get VIP seating at some of the parks most popular shows.

5. Car rental. I saved the best for last because I can’t believe this deal. We needed a large SUV for all of our luggage as well as the passengers. Before the AAA discount, our bill was over $600, once the discount was applied it was $300 for a 7 day rental on an SUV with unlimited miles. I searched EVERYWHERE online and was never able to find anything less than $450 for this size and amenities.

In addition to all of that, AAA will make dinner reservations, get all of our travel materials ready, explain them all, help us with any problems, and just be a liaison between us and Disneyland. I am so thankful for them and this totally make our membership worth every penny!

How much longer until we leave now?

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  1. Nicole March 13, 2013

    This is so wonderful. I’m always excited for others! Do you mind sharing your total cost of the trip and the number of people going?

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