Saving Money While Going To The Doctor

Posted on December 20th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I am a stickler for health care when it comes to my family. Like many moms and wives I like to make sure that the people I love are care for medically. Sometimes that can be quite a balancing act.

Doctor Day

Rather than having several doctor appointments for different family members spread out through the month, have one day. This means less time off work and less time out of school. It saves gas if all your kids go to the same doctor. I make sure there is plenty of time between appointments for waiting and traveling. Best of all I have my spouse to help me with the kids when he’s not at his appointment.

On a Payday

Have you ever had a doctor appointment planned when rent is due. Even when we have insurance it hasn’t been pretty. While sometimes it can’t be helped, planning to go to the doctor during a minimal bill week save a great deal of stress. I can pay co-pays without worrying about what I forgot to budget in. Not only that, if my child is prescribed a medicine, I can afford a trip to the pharmacy.

Use The Phone

One of the best ways to save money going to the doctor is by not going. If a child is showing symptoms use the phone instead. Call the office for advise. Call the ask a nurse hotline.  It may not save a trip to the doctor every time, but is always worth the attempt.

Over The Counter

Sometimes a medicine prescribed can be found over the counter. Or sometimes the insurance co-pay is more expensive than the out of pocket expense for a medication. I check with my pharmacist both out of pocket and insurance price and check if the is an over the counter alternative for our medications. Sometimes I save money by doing this.


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