Saving Money When There Is Nothing Left to Cut

Posted on September 5th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

saving money

It’s one thing to have a tight budget and be able to downsize. It’s quite another when you are on a tight budget and have nothing left to downsize.  Don’t panic. Instead, keep your cool and get creative. Here are a few things that have saved me a bit of money when our budget has been tighter than usual.


Use your junk mail. Start clipping those coupons. Shop around to see if you can find a less expensive grocery store. Use pharmacy and grocery store reward cards. Buy generic brands of everything. Buy in bulk and build a surplus for a rainier day. Also, buy dry goods. It takes a whole lot longer for them to go bad.


Turn lights off and unplug the things that you are not using. Take sponge baths and a rinse to conserve water. Use sunlight during the day and electric lights only at night. Have cook free nights. Open windows when it’s too hot and use more clothing and blankets when it’s too cold rather than relying on climate control.


Keep track of your symptoms in very specific detail.  Record what medications and in what quantity you or the patient has taken. If you need to go to the doctor knowing these things will possibly reduce the chance of you needing an expensive medical or lab test done.  Keep all medical records in a safe place, particularly shot records. Find out what free or discounted medical care is available to you. Some places offer free vaccines for children. Others offer free prenatal vitamins for pregnant women. You can also find lower price clinics for routine female check ups. Be on the look out for cards that offer a discount at the pharmacy. I have often seen these in clinics and doctors offices.

 What do you cut out when you have nothing else left to cut out of your budget?



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